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Top 5 Automatic Cat Feeder in 2019

Being careful and loving pet owners, we try our best to make our family friends happy. This means that when we are out – at work, at the university or elsewhere, – we want our cats to be well-fed, well-nourished, and entertained.

When the domestic stinkpot is alone at the apartment, we can’t help asking ourselves: Isn’t he hungry? What if she wants to drink? Is he playing with his toys? Aren’t the kittens scuffling? Naturally, there is no unified solution for all these issues. But if you’re worried about whether your cat has enough of water and nutrition when you are not at home, think of buying an automatic pet feeder. This device will guarantee that your cherished domestic creature will be well fed when you cannot treat him or her personally.

In this article, we are going to look through the most convenient and functional automatic cat feeders that can be used in any household. Get acquainted with their core advantages and distinctive features, as well as possible weak sides. Hope, our material will help you choose the superior variant for your pussy.

TOP Pick: PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

Here, our unquestionable leader is PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed automatic feeder. The sample is characterized by an impressive capacity: its storage unit can contain up to 24 puns of arid forage plus up to 5 cases of fluid. In this automatic pet feeder, the hours of meals are customized taking into account the animal’s individual schedule. A customer can select one out of 12 different programs. Besides, this auto feeder has an immediate meal option, so that you could make a snack for your moggie at any moment of time.

The doses are absolutely flexible: you’ll easily select between 1/8 to 4 vessels, so that each breakfast could meet your cat’s personal needs. There is also a slow feed option in this auto feeder, when the mounting dispenses the products during 15 minutes, protecting the beasty from vomiting and bloating. The design of this automatic pet feeder prevents possible corking and jams. All the parts of the PetSafe cat food dispenser – a lid, a hopper, a bowl with a bowl holder – are easily washed and dried. Made of high quality plastic and stainless steel, this sample has a very long lifetime. All that you need to start using the machine is to buy four D-cell alkaline batteries and a power adaptor. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply auto feeder is sold at Amazon for fair price.

The honorary second place in our list of greatest automatic cat feeders is awarded to the model of Westlink Dispenser with a sound writer and programmable timer. The machine has an excellent capacity of 6 liters, which amounts to 39 doses, each of which is about 12 g. In order to nourish your pet with this timed cat feeder, simply select the meal size, and the apparatus will dispense the necessary amount of arid eating. What is more, Westlink pet feeder is equipped with a sound writer and speaker, so that it could attract the catty for each meal. Record the way you call your cat in for dinner, and the device will repeat your words when it’s time to eat.

This automatic cat feeder prevents bait spillage and sticking. There is a built-in system of infrared detection that lets a kitty enjoy his or her dinner without extra snacks falling down into the bowl and on the floor. The apparatus suits all types and sizes of dry-as-dust kibble up to 0.39″ * 0.39″. If you prefer larger foodstuffs, this cat feeder may not be a satisfactory solution. Do not forget to buy 3 D Batteries or a USB Power for this gear to start operating. Its price at the moment of writing this is quite reasonable.

Best Budget Pick: Qpets automatic feeder

Talking about not expensive, but still functional gears for nourishing your feline, we can’t but mention Qpets automatic pet feeder. For good price you can obtain this product at Amazon with quite a budget-friendly shipping to any part of the world. This automatic cat feeder is designed for dry, moist and wet kibble. The manufacturer has foreseen six compartments for different types of treatments, and you will easily understand how to use each of them. Qpets pet feeder features a cutter with the possibility of logging in a 6-second personalized message for your nursling. When it’s time to have lunch, the auto feeder will turn on your voice, and the pet will hurry up to the dish.

An essential advantage of this automatic feeder is that it lets a careful owner keep his purer on a regular nourishing schedule. The mechanism of Qpets pet feeder nurtures moggies six times per day, which is quite enough for both kittens and grown-ups. The gadget is equipped with a built-in clock and a liquid-crystal display, which is easy to read at any part of the day. The design of this automatic pet feeder and its color scheme are quite eye-pleasing, which also matters for some customers. 

Best Timed Cat Feeder Pick: HoneyGuaridan A26 

Here, we’ll tell you about HoneyGuaridan A26 cat feeder with a removable forage container, a system of and a programmable intervalometer. This assembly dispenses from 1/32 to 4 cups per one dose. The eating basin comprises no less than 3.3 lb of food. HoneyGuaridan timed cat feeder lets people treat their purrers as accurately as possible, scheduling up to six meals within 24 hours. Undoubtedly, it’s the best automatic cat feeder for those who adhere to a strict diet.

The mounting has an integrated word recorder plus a speaker; people can log in a 12-second message for their kitties, inviting them to have supper when there is no one at the place. HoneyGuaridan A26 automatic feeder prevents foodstuff spilling. It has an infrared detection sensor that doesn’t let even small pieces of nutriment fall down on the floor or into the plate. The core advantage of this automatic pet feeder is that it allows users easily set the time and portion size, so that each pet is nourished according to his individual needs.

Best Gravity Cat Feeder Pick: ASDF JL 

Gravity cat feeders are distinguished by their principle of operating. Unlike the units with a pump, such samples are based on the gravitational force. In other words, the eatable in such cat food feeders is slowly falling down under its own mass. The most interesting representative of this group is ASDF JL with the containment of 11 liters and a bottle for water. All the elements of this pet feeder are made of high quality, recyclable, and ecological materials with a long service life.

The mechanism has a simple mode of operation: the nutrition is added into the dish as soon as lid on the top of the container is opened. You can also use a water dispenser in this cat feeder: simply put the storage tank with the liquid on the non-slip base and fix it there. The producer of this product took trouble to prevent water leakage. Besides, when drinking or eating from this pet feeder, your little companion will never turn on the fountain. At the same time, he or she will have enough of drink and nutrition when you’re out.

Who Should Buy an Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic cat feeders are necessary, first of all, to those who spent much time outside. When you are at work, at the university, walking with your children or having a rest with friends, your catling may feel hungry or thirsty. And this is where automatic pet feeder will be of real help for you. It’s also good to remember that kitties are hunters by their nature. They don’t want you to bring them nutrition. They want to get it, hunt, fight, and then enjoy their trophy. Automatic cat feeders let these creatures feel their independence, at least partially. They create the atmosphere of wildlife, with its cruel rules and restrictions. Moreover, a timed cat feeder will let you follow the chosen schedule of snacks and limit the portions of feedstuff.

Important Features to Consider

Selecting an automatic feeder, try to pay special attention to the following parameters:

  • Intervalometer. This option is necessary for those consumers who nutrify their puggies at a specific timetable. If your automatic feeder is accompanied with an intervalometer, your four-legged companions will be well cared when they’re alone at the place. It’s especially hard-hitting for those who prefer their pets to have not three, but 4-6 meals per day, with smaller amounts of servings. With such a pet feeder, your kitty won’t overeat systematically, which is very important for his/her health.
  • Word recorder. Some beasts hesitate to eat when their human parents are out. It’s a standard situation, especially with young or shy beasts. For such cases, manufacturers have created automatic cat feeders with cutters, which repeat your voice when it’s time to have meals. If you feel that your creature may need your additional attention, think about obtaining such a model.
  • Batteries or a cord. A cordless auto feeder can be located in any part of your flat. At the same time, you should never forget of new charges, especially when you leave on a vacation for a week or two. If the batteries die, even the finest automatic pet feeder won’t be able to provide your feline friend with the chop. To avoid such occasions, you may think of obtaining an automatic feeder with a cord. All that it needs for proper operation is stable electricity supply.
  • Working with wet food. Some automatic cat feeders are suitable for dry kibble only, while others can be utilized with wet food as well. In the first case, you may have to purchase the second feeding system for moist provision. If you don’t feel like getting one more automatic feeder, consider the models that serve all types of chow.
  • Wi-Fi controlling. Really, its’ great to have an automatic pet feeder with such an option. With it, you’ll have an opportunity to feed your four-legged companion from a distance. A Wi-Fi-controlled auto feeder is controlled by a special smartphone app, which allows a user to monitor and manage the way his/her pet is being nutrified. The only issue is that such an automatic feeder will be more expensive than its analogs without Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an automatic pet feeder work?
There are different kinds of these assemblies. A flip lid automatic feeder, for instance, works in a timer mode and reveals pre-portioned products for your critter. The distributed portions are easily cooled, which is precious for catlings’ health. Other species of automatic pet feeder are based on an electronic hopper, portioning out pre-set amounts of meals at certain moments. Thus, with such a cat feeder you don’t need to worry about whether your fluffy friend will get the necessary amount of nutrition at the precise moments.
Can I use canned cat bait with an automatic feeder?
Yes, you can. Though, there are certain restrictions. For instance, it’s not advised to refrigerate such dishes after opening, otherwise it can spoil at a fast clip. If you fill your automatic cat feeder with botched treats, your stinkpot will surely feel the unpleasant smell and refuse to take it in. For moist tinned nosh, you can pick up an automatic pet feeder with a freezer that cools all portions before serving them. Special ice packs won’t let your snacks grow rank over a prolonged period. Naturally, such an automatic feeder will be a little more expensive and complex to operate.
How much nosh does a cat need?
The volume of foodstuff you charge into the automatic pet feeder will depend, first of all, on the age, size, and breed of your fosterling. Consult your vet about how much and how often to make snacks for your cat. Normally, an average house feline weighing 8-12 pounds needs to get around 4/5 of a 6oz can a day, which amounts to around 240-360 calories. With automatic cat feeder you can disperse this amount in a way your kitty not to be able to overeat and, at the same time, to never feel hungry.

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