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Top 5 Best Cat Food 2019

The right nutrition is a key to good health and longevity. This is true for all living beings, including our darling furry friends. Ancestors of modern domestic cats used to eat prey, so it is logical to assume that it is the optimal type of food for felines. However, in the modern circumstances feeding cats with live prey is impossible for many reasons. Store-bought raw meat is also not the perfect option. Firstly, it is not completely safe. Secondly, these animals are picky. Thirdly, it’s difficult to find an ideal ratio of proteins, fats, and carbs as well as calculate perfect amount of meat and other stuffs in your cat’s daily ration. It is much simpler to buy ready-made meals with clear feeding instructions included.

That said, not all kinds of ready-made food are equally good for your kitties. With so many cat food brands available, choosing the best one is not an easy affair. Experts believe that both organic cat food and organic dog food are great choices, as they are made from top-quality raw organic products and doesn’t contain any chemically produced components, flavoring agents, taste modifiers, GMOs, etc. In our review, we are going to tell about top healthy cat food brands that your feline will love.

The Top Pick: Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food

  • Suitable for allergic cats
  • Offers a daily supply of vital minerals
  • Doesn’t contain grains
  • Made from real meat and vegetables
  • High nutrition value


  • Must be portioned carefully due to the high nutrition value
  • Some cats don’t like the taste
  • A higher price
  • Some cats might feel bloated


This organic cat food has 4.4 stars on Amazon, while the number of positive reviews exceeds 1700. Taste of the Wild is an American company that produces pet supplies from the top-quality purely organic ingredients. This is all natural cat food with the share of crude proteins of 42%, crude fats – 18%, and crude fiber – 3%. It doesn’t contain any grain or soy and chemicals, which makes it perfectly suitable for allergic kitties or those with sensitive digestion. It fully supplies the pets’ daily need in Omega-3 as well as some vital minerals, such as zinc and selenium. What’s even more important, cats love it!

Taste of the Wild is recommended for daily use. The daily amount is calculated depending on the feline’s weight, age; its activity level. Mind that this natural cat food has a high nutrition value, so you don’t have to finish feeding with any other kinds of meals.

Key features:

  • Contains real venison/ salmon.
  • Grain-free formula.
  • Only useful vegetables & peas.
  • Preserves live probiotics.
  • Made in the US.

Taste of the Wild will be the right choice for most cats. Many owners of kitties with sensitive digestion systems and food allergies are truly satisfied with how this cat food helped their pets. However, this product doesn’t suit everyone. So it’s better to try it first before buying the large bag.

The Runner-Up: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

  • Comes in four different flavors
  • Has a short and simple list of ingredients
  • Contains a lot of crude proteins
  • Suitable for cats with allergies and sensitive guts
  • No artificial ingredients


  • Not all cats are fond of green pea flavor
  • The price is a bit too high
  • Food that comes in large 10 lb bags seems to cause diarrhea and allergies for some reason
  • Some owners report side effects after the formula was changed


In our rating of dry cat food brands, Natural Balance Limited ranks second. This product is oriented mainly to the pets with special requirements. Kitties suffering from allergy and those sensitive to particular ingredients will like this well-balanced food, as it comprises a limited number of ingredients. No wheat protein and a completely grain-free formula prevent a probability of negative reactions. Being an organic cat food, Natural Balance consists of plain components – meat, animal fats, some vegetable proteins in the form of green peas, essential vitamins and minerals. No synthetically produced components or artificial taste and flavor modifiers are used.

The formula of this holistic cat food includes at least 30% of crude proteins, 12% of crude fats, 5% of fiber, plus Omega-3 & Omega-6. The Limited series comes in 4 different flavors: chicken, duck, salmon, and venison. According to the customer reviews, it has a positive effect on skin and fur.

Key features:

  • All natural cat food without any artificial components.
  • Four different flavors – to fit every taste.
  • A limited number of ingredients.
  • A large share of crude proteins.
  • Suits for feeding allergic cats as well as those with digestion issues of different age.

As well as every cat food options out there, Natural Balance is not an ultimate solution. The great advantage is that you can choose the taste not changing the formula significantly. But you should stick to the smaller bags.

Best Budget Pick: Purina Beyond Grain Free Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food

  • Affordable price
  • Doesn’t contain grains and artificial ingredients
  • Suitable for allergic cats
  • Made of real meat, whitefish, and vegetables


  • Bigger cats might swallow pieces without chewing
  • Contains pea protein as a cheap filler
  • We suspect that ingredients are not of the highest quality
  • Cats with sensitive guts might feel sick


It’s a mistake to think that all organic grain free cat food brands are expensive. Some of them are quite affordable, especially if you buy them in large packs. Purina Beyond is a good example of inexpensive organic cat food containing only natural components of high quality, free of chemicals, taste and flavor modifiers. Apart from real Whitefish (which is the main ingredient), the product contains chicken meat, natural egg powder, vegetable proteins in the form of peas and pea starch, beef fat, fiber, as well as a range of minerals and vitamins. It is important that Purina Beyond has a zero-grain formula, which means it is free of wheat, corn, soy proteins, and cereals.

Purina Beyond has 4.5 stars on Amazon and over 700 positive reviews. Real cat owners say it has a good effect on the overall kitties’ health, skin and fur condition. Currently, a large package of 11 lbs will cost you less.

Key features:

  • Made of real whitefish and chicken meat.
  • Contains no grain/cereals (corn, rice, wheat, soy, etc.).
  • Enriched with vitamins & essential minerals.
  • Non-allergic composition.
  • Only organic, chemical- and GMO-free components.

Obviously, you should expect the quality to be worse as the price goes down. While this cat food doesn’t contain any chemicals, the ingredients are not expensive. Thus, the overall nutritional value is questionable.

Best Organic Dry Cat Food: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult

  • Contains fish oils
  • Made of high-quality meat and vegetables
  • Approved by vets
  • Free of grains and chemicals


  • Rather expensive
  • Some cats don’t like the flavor
  • Comes only in 10 lb bag
  • Not suitable for kittens


Our review would be incomplete without mentioning Amazon’s top seller – Blue Buffalo Wilderness organic cat food. It combines the nutritional value and health benefits of a real organic diet with the convenience of dry food. With 4.5 stars on Amazon and over two thousand testimonials, it is a leader among dry cat food brands. The main ingredients of all Wilderness receipts are organic meat, high-quality animal & vegetable proteins, animal fats and fish oils. The stuff is completely free of low-quality fats, synthetic proteins, cereals, chemicals, GMOs, and artificial flavors. This holistic cat food is approved by vets, appreciated by feline owners, and heartily loved by cats! The share of crude proteins & crude fats in it reaches 36% & 12% respectively.

Wilderness Blue Buffalo is oriented towards adult cats of all breeds. Being a fully organic, authentic meal, it has numerous health benefits, improves the state of pets’ fur and skin, strengthens bones and teeth; it supplies the need in essential vitamins, including Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Key features:

  • 100% natural holistic cat food.
  • Only real organic meat is used – no by-products, skin, and bones.
  • Contains up to 36% of crude animal proteins.
  • No-grain formula is optimal for allergic cats.
  • Five different receipts available to fit every taste.

Blue Buffalo might be the best option out there. Yes, it is expensive. But the quality is high, and you won’t really find bad reviews of this cat food except for some owners whose cats didn’t like the taste.

Best Organic Wet Cat Food: BLUE Freedom Grain Free Wet Cat Food

  • Pleasant texture
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain grains
  • Made of high-quality meat


  • Very expensive
  • Some cats don’t like the flavor
  • Contains some questionable ingredients
  • Not suitable for cats allergic to fish oil


Dry food is very popular, but some kitties have to keep a special diet because of digestion problems or simply prefer wet options. Our choice is BLUE Freedom flacked canned food. This is a premium-quality meal made of purely organic components – chicken meat without bones, broth, liver, vegetables, fish oil, egg powder, natural fiber, and a blend of essential vitamins. Melting wet flakes have a tender texture that is loved by felines. Of course, it has no synthetic ingredients, flavorings, or taste boosters. Also, no wheat protein, soy, or cereals are used, so the food will do even for allergic kitties.

Key features:

  • Tender wet texture.
  • Organic components of high quality.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Grain-free formula.

If you are looking for the inspired by nature cat food, BLUE Freedom is the right choice. It is one of Amazon’s best sellers with over 180 positive reviews.

Who Should Buy Organic Cat Food

Turning to organics is more than just a modern trend. It is beyond argument that everything grown and produced in eco-friendly conditions, pure and non-modified, has a lot of health benefits. No surprise that loving and caring cat parents choose organic food not only for themselves, but for their darling creatures as well. However, there are specific cases when organic cat food is prescribed by vets. So, you may consider choosing one of the organic grain free cat food brands in the following cases:

  1. your cat is prone to allergic reactions;
  2. it has digestion problems, or is of senior age;
  3. you simply want your feline to eat the best natural cat food.

Important Features to Consider

Turning to organics is more than just a modern trend. It is beyond argument that everything grown and produced in eco-friendly conditions, pure and non-modified, has a lot of health benefits. No surprise that is loving and caring cat parents choose organic food not only for themselves but for their darling creatures as well. However, there are specific cases when vets prescribe organic cat food. So, you may consider choosing one of the organic grain free cat food brands in the following cases:

  1. The rules are the same as for human food. Ingredients are listed from most to least, and the ratio of proteins/fats/carbs is presented in a separate chart. Ideally, the main component must be pure meat (not meat products, by-products, poultry, or animal proteins, but real meat). Other recommended ingredients include animal fats, fish oil, vegetables, and fiber. A good product can contain peas and egg powder. Additionally, the best organic cat food is usually enriched with microelements (zinc, selenium), vitamins, Omega-3, and -6 fatty acids, and probiotics. A critical component is taurine.The age of your cat is an essential factor to consider choosing the food. Kittens should eat food that is high in calories and animal protein to help them grow and evolve. Also, they should consume phosphorus and calcium to make bones strong, and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help the muscles. The pieces of kibble should be smaller.It’s easier to choose food for an adult cat. Stick to high-quality proteins and grain-free recipes. Consider that too many fats are harmful to adult cats. As your pet reaches seven years old, it is already considered elderly. Then it should eat light in fats and calories food that contains a lot of high-quality proteins.Decrease the level of sodium and phosphorus to avoid kidney diseases.Of course, the nutritional value and some other nuances should vary depending on the level of activity, environment, and breed of your cat. Active felines must consume more calories, lazy ones – less. Consult with your vet to understand which ingredients are better for your area of living and the breed of the cat.
  2. What breeds it is intended for. There are options for young, adult, and senior cats; for larger and smaller breeds, for active outdoor and lazy domestic felines; for hairless, short-haired and fluffy kitties, and so on. Usually, different options have a different ratio of nutrients that are necessary for the harmonious development of a pet.The choice of the food manufacturer must depend on the breed of your cat since different breeds have different needs. For example, Persian cats would benefit the most from Blue Wilderness cat food because it is designed to ease the hairball issue Persian cats have.British shorthairs benefit a lot from Purina that provides them with high-quality proteins while keeping the number of calories low. It prevents diabetes and arthritis – diseases British Shorthairs are somewhat prone to.Taste of the Wild will be an excellent choice for Siamese cats. It is high in proteins and fats and designed for sensitive digestion systems cats of this breed have. This food also makes the coat of the pet look and feel great.
    A large longhair grey color cat laying down and licking lips with paw in an overflowing bowl of food

    Fat content. It is important if your cat is overweight or obese. In general, if the cat is passive, choose the sorts with a lower content of fat. The best natural cat food contains crude proteins and fats. The share of protein commonly varies from 30 to 40% and the share of fats – from 10 to 20%.


  3. The manufacturer country. Keep in mind that genuine organic products have a relatively short shelf life. If they are produced overseas, chances are you won’t preserve them for long. That’s why if you live in the US, it makes sense to buy US-made goods.However, US-made cat food can be costly, especially if you buy it in smaller batches. Therefore, you should consider buying it in large bags on the Internet. Although, here you might face an issue getting low-quality food. That’s why you should learn about the seller first and make sure that the food is stored and appropriately packed.
  4. Your pet’s preferences. Tastes differ, and cats are picky – don’t forget about it. If you are not sure whether your kitty will like the food, buy the smallest package first.Buying cat food in large batches can save you a couple of dollars. But you should remember that cats are very picky, and their taste might change over time. It’s a famous story when the owner buys a bag of kibble that must last for a year, and the cat stops eating it after three months.Also, track the changes in the formula if you are buying the same cat food for a long time. The manufacturer can change it, and the cat might not like the changes. So when you find out that some ingredients were added or removed, buy the small bag first and see if your pet still likes this food.

If your feline has health problems or recently survived the surgical operation, don’t forget to consult a specialist before making a purchase. A veterinarian will help you to choose the best organic cat food taking into account all the health aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wet or dry – what to choose?
This is, probably, the most popular questions, and the answers to it are always controversial. The fact is that there is no single answer. In general, dry food is more convenient and economic. If your pet feels good being on dry food, then there’s no problem. That said, wet food contains enough water, and the cats consuming it need less additional watering. Most cats are not enthusiastic drinkers, so if you give your kitty only dry food, you’ll have to persuade it to drink water.
How to prevent obesity in cats?
The best way is to consult a vet and follow his recommendations. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to reduce the amount of fats in the daily diet of your pet, not to overfeed it, and make it move more. If it is difficult to regulate the amount of food, buy an automatic feeder – it will give the needed portions at the right time.
I have a senior cat. How should I feed it?
It, again, depends on the individual preferences. Usually, older cats need less fat, more hydration, and smaller portions of food. Not a bad idea is to slightly increase the share of fish and fish oil in the ageing cat’s menu.
How to calculate the right daily amount of food?
Approximately, adult cats need from 25 to 35 calories per one pound of their weight a day. Count the total daily amount and divide it into the number of portions.

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