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Best Organic Dog Food Review in 2019

Taking care of your canine means, first of all, proper plus well-balanced nutriment. The health of your pet depends to a great extent on the type, as well as the amount of fodder you select. Modern fabricators offer us a wide choice of organic food firms, each of which has its distinctive features. This is why the choice of your pet’s menu should be made with the greatest care and consideration.

First of all, every owner should understand that healthy dog food is prepared of natural, biogenic constituents. There is no sense in treating your pet with table scraps, which can absolutely useless or even harmful to a certain animal. Besides, it’s much more beneficial and convenient to obtain specialized table programs for your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, instead of trying to feed the canine with whatever you find.

Thus, the first step you should take when making the menu for your four-legged comrade is to select first-grade non-artificial spreads from proven companies. Not the cheapest wordmarks, but high-quality ones, since the issue is the health of your beloved pet. 

In this article, we discuss the top dog food brands offered at the market. We’ve selected the healthiest variants of vittles stuff without synthetic preservation agents, coloring agents, flavors. And here is the result of our proper investigation – get acquainted with it and feed your pet in a proper way. 

Best Overall: Taste of the Wild

Our top 5 dog foods will begin with Taste of the Wild. This zero-seed dry aliment stuff involves only high protein inartificial compounds. For instance, you can offer your pet excellent breakfast with roasted bison, venison, lamb, duck, salmon, plus other sorts of fodder and fish. The range of tastes is really impressive, so that every owner could satisfy his beloved pet. Besides, this foodstuff is offered in a number of lines: for puppies, for adults, for senior canines, for pregnant and nurturing pets. With Taste of the Wild, you will always be sure that your four-legged friend gets the necessary amount of nutrients in accordance with his\her age, as well as state of health. 

This premium dog food is made of beef or fish plus edible greens and fruit with no kern, corn, wheat, fillers. There are no man-made flavors and preservatives, which are so harmful for pets’ digestive systems. Taste of the Wild eating stuffs are enriched with amino acids, vitamins, minerals for strong muscles, wholesome skin, shining coat. This is why we have involved this firm to our finest dog food brands list. You can pick up these victuals on Amazon, which is very easy and convenient.

  • All ingredients are clearly labeled
  • Highly potent and qualitative nutritional value
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Packed with natural micronutrients and vitamins
  • Expensive
  • Only 28 pounds for the price
  • Uses venison and not ordinary cattle
  • Unclear what the “contains (viable) natural microorganisms” statement means


This product is the most optimal variant if you really want to treat your best friend to the best dog food available and for a decent price.  In the world of dog food, this one is made to recreate the wildlife diet your dog’s closest relative, the wolf, would follow. It is packed with animal protein, veggie carbs and a plethora of micronutrients and vitamins necessary for your pet’s health to excel.

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Runner Up: Orijen Tundra

The second of our greatest natural dog food brands is Orijen Tundra. Why Orijen Tundra? First of all, this fabricator lets keepers nourish their pets just as nature intended. The victuals of this mark contain fresh regional beef features reflecting the canine’s evolutionary diet. Besides, this grain free dry dog food has neither vegetable proteins, nor synthetic supplements like man-made coloring agents, flavors, preservation agents.

The product line of Orijen Tundra comprises nutriment stuffs for puppies, large puppies, senior canines. There are also specialized hound treats with chicken, turkey, fish, nest-laid eggs, Angus boar, beef, Romney lamb, Yorkshire pork, wild mackerel, and a variety of other tastes. You will easily find the one that will satisfy the taste of your beloved pet. Being the member of our top 5 dog foods list, Orijen Tundra is offered in three variants: as dry nourishing items, as freeze-dried spreads, and as freeze-dried food.

Each of these variants includes no less than 85% of broil and fish compounds, 15% of veggies and fruit, with no extra components. The manufacturer uses fresh refrigerated or unbaked flash-frozen beef with no preservatives. This is one more reason why we call Orijen Tundra one of the healthiest dog food brands.

  • The meatiest snack
  • No chemical preservatives or dyes
  • No grains or vegetable protein
  • Suitable for puppies, adult and senior dogs
  • Very expensive
  • Only 25 pounds for a high price
  • Only zinc as an added micronutrient
  • Low on carbs


This product is the luxurious venison treat for your dog. It’s a brand focused on creating a diversified and best animal protein kibble for the princesses and princes of the canine world.

Best Budget Choice: Rachael Ray Nutrish

In this part of the article, we’ll tell you about Rachael Ray Nutrish. Because of fair price we consider it to be the finest choice for thrifty canine owners. At the same time, Rachael Ray Nutrish vittles stuffs are produced from U.S. farm-raised chickens – dietary broil that suits all critter breeds. It is the best dog food brand with a high content of inartificial prebiotics for wholesome digestion and no industry-related features.    

The product line from this fabricator includes the snacks for puppies, large breed puppies, adults. There is also the food for all life stages with chicken and brown rice, greens, potato, beef, duck, turkey, and other compounds. Rachael Ray Nutrish is the healthiest dog food enriched with vitamins and chelated minerals. You will never find any poultry by-products in it, as well as fillers, wheat, seitan. The victuals of this type are offered in the forms of dry or wet food, soft beef spreads, longer lasting chews. The latter can be used as a supplemental nourishment between the main meals. This grain free dry dog food will make your cherished pet happy without extra wasting, as all Rachael Ray Nutrish items can be bought at very competitive prices.

  • No “meat and bone meal” or by-products
  • 40 pounds for a good price
  • The most chicken-y dog food, having chicken as the first ingredient
  • Packed with added micronutrients and vitamins
  • Uses mixed tocopherols as chicken fat preservers
  • Includes corn gluten meal
  • Includes soybean meal as fourth ingredient
  • Includes dried plain beet pulp with is highly fibrous


Despite the cons, the preserver is used only for one ingredient and not for the dry kibble itself, so the presence is virtually non-existent in the treat. Although it has soybean meal, it has no corn and just the gluten meal for added protein and carbs. The overall mix and percentage of ingredients are awesome, and you get the best heavy pack of high-quality, thought-through nutrients for the best price. It may not have the ‘organic’ stamp of approval, but the company values, its ingredients and recipes speak for their ethicality and nutritional value.

Best Organic Dry Dog Food: Tender & True

Here we’ll tell you about Tender & True eating goods. This grade is popular with critter owners for its wholesome recipe and convenient form in terms of both storage and feeding. As well as the above-mentioned healthy dog food brands, Tender & True sustenance items contain no seed. They are produced on the basis of certified humanely raised lamb, chicken, turkey or seafood. Besides, all product lines of this mark contain veggies and pomes.

In order to make critters’ skin, coat, bones, teeth stronger and healthier, the producer of this organic dog food adds vitamins and minerals to every portion. There are no antibiotics in these table stuffs. This means that Tender & True fodder is suitable for pets with sensitive stomach, as well as puppies and nurturing critters. The unit package from this factory deserves special attention, too. It’s very comfortable to use this all natural dog food, as you can easily put as much of the alimentation stuff as you need to, while the rest of it will stay in the box until the next meal.

  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Organic chicken as the first in the list of ingredients
  • Has organic chickpeas and flaxseed meal which are amazing for the digestive system and cellular energy
  • Highly balanced diet with organic animal and plant protein and sophisticated plant carbs
  • Higher-end price
  • Organic chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols
  • Menhaden fish oil preserved with mixed tocopherols
  • Only 5 pounds in the package


No chemical preservatives are used in the kibble itself, plus all ingredients are organic, which means that everything is raised and created with the best and healthiest practices. This organic dry dog food option is the best quality-price choice in the realm of organic dog kibbles.

Best Organic Wet Dog Food: Addiction

Made from New Zealand venison, berries, herbs, Addiction wet nutrition items can be rightfully called the healthiest dog food. This grade name promises to be devoid of seed, fillers, soy, synthetic colors and whatever can be harmful to your pet. The factory underlines, that this wet alimentation stuff is much closer to your critter’s ancestral roots than any other product available in the market.

All Addiction product lines are enriched with antioxidants plus phytonutrients from various pomes, vegetables, berries, and herbs. Thus, these breakfasts and dinners guarantee that your beloved four-legged friend will have a strong body and improved digestion. What is more, this healthy dog food has no industry-related hormones and steroids, which are frequently used by dishonest manufacturers who want to make their foodstuff more attractive for the eaters.

  • Great price for what you get
  • King salmon is the first ingredient
  • No artificial preservatives, grain, or by-products
  • High nutritional value for cellular production, cellular function,energy and good mood
  • Should be balanced with other dog foods
  • Can cause diarrhea
  • An unconventional diet
  • Has potatoes as the third element


This option is a great addition to your dog’s dietary plan. It shouldn’t become the primary food variant, though. It is also very high in fish protein and quite complex, so be careful with giving it to puppies and, overall, treat it as a high-profile-several-times-a-week treat, which is a source of invaluable sea and ocean-based micronutrients and vitamins.

Who Should Buy Organic Dog Food?

Today everyone is talking about biogenic groceries foodstuffs. The “O” word is repeated by most vendors from this field, even the ones that don’t really produce such victuals. What is so special about biogenic meals then? Is it really so important to select the items with pesticide-free constituents for your pet’s health?

The thing is that best organic dog food contains only inartificial features. Conventional foodstuffs, in their turn, can quite legally be made of cheap and unhealthy components. For instance, some companies produce the so-called “tasty” dinners from pieces of newspaper, feathers, and diseased animal tissues. When you purchase non-biogenic victuals, you take the risk of treating your beloved pet with high-fructose corn syrup or distiller seeds, which are nothing more than by-products of ethanol production.

Then you’ll agree it’s not a good idea to feed your family lover with such dangerous constituents. Organic dog food (same story with organic cat food), on the other hand, is produced from muscles, fish, veggies, and fruit – always inartificial and absolutely wholesome. Actually, there are no strictly regulated standards for such groceries stuffs. But most manufacturers do their greatest to adhere to this rule, as their items are quite expensive, and every pet keeper can turn around and check the contents of a certain box of hound snacks. And what will the company do if he finds out that the promised “healthy” fodder is not that wholesome? Thus, it’s easier for today’s vendors not to lie about their useful and wholesome dietary programs. And we do believe that biogenic food is what your pet needs.

Important Features to Consider

Natural dog food lines are not all the same. Thus, when choosing the chacks for your pet, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Recognizable components.  Anonymity and vagueness in dog food ingredients points to its questionable sourcing. Healthy dog food contains only the compounds that are familiar to most customers. Even the minerals and vitamins should be clearly recognizable. All unknown, non-readable words should get the keeper’s attention: why haven’t they written the same notions in more understandable terms?Meat and bone meal” and “chicken by-product meal” make it impossible to understand what kind of products are used to include in the “meal,” but since it’s not organic or biogenic, they are, most likely, sourced from extremely low-quality things, like hoof, horn, manure, stomach, underdeveloped eggs, beaks, and everything else bad or leftover after the slaughterhouse.The animal should be specifically indicated in “meal” while “by-products” most certainly point to unwanted animal parts that you would never feed to your dog in their original, non-transformed form.“Animal fat” in dog foods is a generic product that is acquired as a result of fat rendering from high temperatures from meat and bones. It’s an umbrella category that doesn’t allow the consumer to understand what fats, who from and where from they are acquired and combined. The question is: which ingredients are used? Well, since no specific animal or animal parts are mentioned, this fat could come from roadkill, deceased or dying animal, spoiled supermarket meat, etc. It has been found that such fat is carcinogenic, which puts your doggy at heightened risk of developing cancer.
  2. Biogenic or natural?  These two terms are often used by manufacturers in conjunction, as the core parameters of the same feature. But there is a certain difference between them: “Natural” denotes that there are no synthetic components in the food stuff, while “Organic” shows the way the product was produced. Thus, it’s better to select the snacks that can be described with both these terms. Having read our line-up of natural, organic dog food, containing high nutritional and ingredient value inside them, we’d like to leave a few ‘honorable mentions’ here that dog owners buy and feed their doggies all the time, not thinking about what’s in them.Pedigree® has a huge line of dry dog food for your consideration, including multiple screaming ads about the ultra-chicken-y taste, high protein value, etc. It’s also very cheap, widely known and everywhere-available. Well, a thorough review of Pedigree® dry dog food revealed high shares of plant base (55%) and a 47% fat-to-protein ratio in the rest of its nutritional value, obviously, in the favor of fat. You’ve already guessed it: the first ingredient is corn, which is very inexpensive and controversial, especially in terms of feeding your dog. It has low nutrition value for your pet and, combined with the rest of fibrous content, will negatively impact your dog’s digestion system over time. It is also quite hard to digest and breakdown, so it is more harmful than nutritional.The most dangerous ingredient in Pedigree® dry dog food is animal fat. It’s a huge commercial brand that sells extremely cheap dog food. Subsequently, the quality of ingredients from which that ‘fat’ is derived is definitely of the unwanted kind and that which will be carcinogenic for your dog.Similar things may be said about popular, cheap wet dog food. For example, Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food has a very low actual animal protein nutrition value in its contents while the meat by-products contents, like in Pedigree® , are anonymous.

    Meat by-products for dog food in such brands come from diverse parts, different animals and are of low quality, considering their anonymity. It will make it very hard to single out respective allergens if the need arises. The quality of ingredients and their combination is key for your dog’s well-being and health. It’s not about the calorie numbers and names – their quality matters just as much.

    Dog with dog plate
  3. Prices
     Having arrived this far on this article, you may already understand where the difference in pricing between organic and non-organic dog food comes from. Organic and biogenic dog food means that the ingredients come from farmers that use more expensive farming practices that are healthier for the product and the consumer.Government regulations are tighter for such businesses. Also, the crop yield with organic businesses is lower because they don’t use the commercial and toxic pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and other methods to artificially increase the crop yield and modify the crops. That is why organic products, including dog food, are more expensive.Keep these above-mentioned important features in mind while opting for new dog food and for your dog’s diet in general and your pet will be as healthy and happy as they come.
  4. Delivery of Goods  
    Amazon, like any other online shop or vending platform, has a specific section that describes the shipping policy and rates. You can read about shipping and delivery on Amazon here. When you open the desired dog food’s page on Amazon, there will be an indicator on the right that says whether the product is shipped to your country or not. Be sure to pay attention to it.Amazon has storages and offices all over the world. It makes the company faster and more apt in terms of shipping to different locations. It also means that goods get distributed between those storages also, which enhances the shipping experience. Be sure to think over your dog’s food plan ahead and ship in batches, which will save you money by not paying for ordering each package separately. The seller may also offer discounts for ordering more units, so be on the lookout for that! You can also order dog fence and gps tracker, It’s nice decision if you want get discount.
  5. No seed or no gluten?
    Again, we have two different notions: some pets are allergic to gluten, while others should not eat corn. As a careful owner, you must know your critter’s health status and avoid the foodstuffs he or she can’t eat. As the careful owner you are, remember about the symptoms that might indicate at your dog having a gluten allergy, a.k.a. it being gluten intolerant. Symptoms of dog gluten allergy/dog gluten intolerance include body condition loss, coat condition/hair loss, exhibit generally low health and/or have diarrhea.   Your best friend, the dog, will exhibit specific symptoms also if it is has issues with tolerating corn. Symptoms of dog corn allergy/intolerance include hives, biting paws, vomiting, skin irritation, itching, diarrhea, obsessive licking and/or abdominal cramps. Be attentive to your dog’s behavior and appearance and trust your gut. If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, visit your local vet for tests and a diagnosis. Eventually, it may point at allergies other than gluten/corn, but, in any case, you will find out what’s making your dog sick and will be able to adjust their diet.
  6. Non-generics.
    Don’t purchase aliment items with too generalized descriptions. If the feature list includes “beef protein” or “animal fat”, you should think about why the grower doesn’t want to specify these sorts of meat and fat? Maybe, they are not as sound as they are promised to be?          


    Ten Ingredients That Should Be in Your Dog’s Diet

    • Meat – Obviously, the most important ingredient in your dog’s diet. Again, check for it being “meat” that has a tag regarding which animal it has been sourced from if it’s included in the dog food ingredient list. 
    • Meat Meal – It’s not the same as “meat and bone meal”. The animal should be specified, e.g. chicken meal. Here, it means that the specified animal’s meat has been ground up and dehydrated to 10% in dry food for instance or cooked in wet food. In any case, the norm of such “chicken meal” will be 67% animal protein (!) and 12% fat, which makes it even a bit better than whole chicken. 
    • Complex carbohydrates – Rice, peas, oats, and barley are the better carb options for your dog. Be sure they come after the meat contents on the dog food ingredients list. They are necessary for the dog’s energy, digestion, and hair. 
    • Vegetables – It’s not a must-have component but it will be useful if chosen wisely. For example, sweet potatoes will provide your dog with Vitamin B, potassium, and beta-carotene. Make sure that the vegetables in the ingredients list are not too fibrous, gluten-y or just starch. 
    • Fruits and Berries – Blueberries, apples, or cranberries will be good sources of healthy fibers, antioxidants and help with urinating better.  
    • Fats – Not an umbrella “animal fat” category that includes trans fats and other generic fat from who knows where and how. The fats in dog food should be specified – fish oils, olive oil, Omega-3, chicken fat, Omega-6, or canola oil. Fats like these are necessary for a healthy, shiny coat and proper cell function. 
    • Minerals and Nutrients – Potassium, L-carnitine, zinc, iron, manganese, calcium, DL-Methionine, etc. All of these should be clearly mentioned in the dog food ingredients. They are mandatory for proper cellular function, nutrient transfer, cellular production and energy, the dog’s mood and for their overall health. 
    • Natural Preservatives – Everyone has to understand that ready-made dog food will and has to have preservatives to keep it fresh for a period of time. Look for ascorbic acid or tocopherols since these come from natural sources.

    Keeping your dog hydrated is key to their overall health, good mood and good looks. While choosing dog food, do pay attention to the moisture content and percentage or balance the dry food with lots of water to keep your dog’s diet balanced.

    Ten Ingredients That Should Not Be in Your Dog’s Diet

    Chef dog with dishes
    • “Meat and Bones Meal” – These will be feed-grade, of low quality, questionable origin, cooked at high temperatures that will eviscerate the necessary micronutrients. Put frankly: it’s just garbage. Although it will feed your dog, it will be more of a survival diet than a thriving diet. Oh, and this category can include euthanized animals which means that the “meal” will also include pentobarbital, an anesthetic. 
    • Meat “by-products” – Same like Meat and Bones Meal 
    • Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), and Ethoxyquin – These are the most common, nasty chemical preservatives. They are carcinogens and reproductive toxicants. BHT damages the liver and may cause cancer, too.  
    • Propylene Glycol (PG) – It is derived from antifreeze, which is extremely toxic to any living beings. It is touted and gouged as non-toxic for pets, but it is at your discretion whether you want to feed non-toxic antifreeze to your best friend, the dog. 
    • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – It is a non-essential amino acid, a salt derived from glutamic acid, meant to enhance the flavor. MSG has been proven to be harmful to dogs. It negatively impacts their appetite and digestion, leading to weight gain and other digestive issues. 
    • Food Dyes – Yellow 6 and 5, caramel color (4-MIE), Red 40, and Blue 2 have proven to cause allergy-type reactions, behavior problems and cancer. 
    • “Animal Fat” – Will come from cooking the anonymous, questionable meat and bones at high temperatures, and the resulting fats are the ones put in dog food. They are carcinogenic.  
    • Rendered Fats – They are the ones included in the kibble cover and enhance the flavor. They are also sources of toxins (heavy metals) and bacteria (Salmonella, etc.). If the dry dog food gets soggy or moisture penetrates the packaging, then the bacteria and mold will grow.  
    • Contaminants – Since the commercial, non-biogenic, non-organic dog food is feed-grade, the FDA does not object to certain levels of roach, bird, or rodent excreta in it, which would, otherwise, been prohibited from human-grade. The industrialized, cheap, commercial dog food almost certainly contain some levels or these – something you and us would have never fed to our beloved dogs in a thousand years. 
    • Corn – Apart from being of extremely low nutritional value for your dog, you’re right to guess about its actual source. It will come from corn by-products that are harvested from huge, industrialized brands that use pesticides and herbicides, as well as genetically-modified breeds. All of these will impact the corn that comes in that cheap, commercialized dog food.

Dog Food Production

Keep in mind that the dog food producer is, most often than not, not the ingredients producer. Dry kibble is made from the ingredients listed on the packaging. The ingredients are received and stored separately. Then, they are grounded down to the necessary particle size. The commercial hammer mill aims at uniformizing the ingredients into a course flour so that they absorb everything necessary equally during the cooking process. Further, the compiling and mixing occurs so that everything is mixed in an appropriate rate. The dry and wet ingredients are then combined in a sort of a doe, which is then extruded via a special machine that combines and cooks the batch. Then the kibble gets cooled and dehydrated. Finally, it gets enrobed to enhance the flavor and be easily chewed and swallowed. 

Wet/canned dog food follows a relatively similar process. The ingredients get combined in necessary rates but without them being pulverized into flour and without extrusion. After being combined, they get blended. The temperature during blending increases to make proteins denature and starches gelatinize; both processes impact the flavor and texture. The packaging or cans are sterilized before getting filled. Finally, the cooked product is distributed between packages or cans and sealed. 


The strictest area of dog food origin is the European Union. Dog food is regulated under the same standards as animal feed which are strict and high in the EU. Several governmental boards and veterinary agencies are tasked with ensuring that the conditions and origins of ingredients that are used in dog food adhere to the necessary standard. Since dog food can be consumed by humans without any excessive harm, especially dry dog food, it means that all dog food plants are standardized and checked by government veterinary agencies. USA comes second when it comes to quality and assurance in dog food. China has the most loose regulations. Read the full article on dog food regulations across the world here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the foods containing zero corn healthier?
The ancestors of our animal companions have never eaten seeds. This is why the diet containing zero kern is really better for hounds. Besides, some creatures are allergic to kerns; check with your vet, if you feel doubtful about this aspect of your pet’s health state.
What is canine fodder produced from?
It depends to a greater extent on the creator. Most brands of dog food are based on muscles and fish with certain addition of edible greens and fruit. Look at the ingredient list on the box you’ve selected: the word “Meat” should be on the first place; if not, it’s a bad sign. Besides, the sort of flesh should be specified – it can be lamb, deer or whatever else, but not simply “Meat”.
Can I give unbaked flesh to my animal companion?
Actually, raw beef cannot be included into the top 10 dog foods. Despite the fact that your pet’s ancestors ate this product day by day, current domestic creatures are not always ready to such roughage. But if you decide to obtain some raw flesh for your beloved cully, select specialized victuals from canine food creators, not simple unbaked pig fodder from the nearest market. The thing is that the best natural dog food should be devoid of preservation agents and bacteria, which are frequently found in cheap and low quality flesh.

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