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Best Bully Sticks For Your Pet’s Teeth

It is difficult to find treats for pets that are both tasty and useful to them. Chewing regular bones or hard objects can be harmful and even dangerous for dogs, so you need to find an alternative that will work long and will not harm the health of the pet. That’s why you need to know what is a bully stick.

Bully stick is the thing that all dogs like from small to large. But do you know what it’s made of and how useful is it? We are going to give you full information about the product you are feeding the four-legged member of your family.

What is best bully sticks for dogs

So what are bully stick made of? Many mistakenly believe that such treats are made from the muscles. But in fact, it is made from a dried steer or bull penis. Some animal owners are surprised when they find out about it, but such a product has enough useful properties for animals. Some people also eat it. Many people can ask “Are bully stick safe for puppies?”. You need to approach the health issues of the puppy in the same way as to the health of the human baby. Check with your veterinarian if specific snacks are suitable for your pet.

It is generally accepted that giving by-products is harmful to the health of an animal and it should not eat anything of animal origin other than meat or pure muscles. So many people ask “Are bully sticks safe?”, and then “What are bully sticks made from?”. However, the only drawback often complained of by customers is the unpleasant smell that the dog likes, but other family members don’t.

In order to avoid this, you should choose the right best bully sticks for dogs. If you hear a sharp smell of urine or rotten meat, it means that the snack was poorly dried. It is ready to eat, but you are unlikely to be so happy about it in your home. Unfortunately, many manufacturers often neglect proper drying, so choose the best, if you do not want this smell to remain forever in your home.

Advantages of bully stick

A bully stick is one of the most popular treats for dogs, as they really love them. This has many advantages, for example:

1. Practicality.

Dog owners know how much their pets like to chew something. This leads to such troubles as spoiled furniture, shoes and other things in your home. You can buy toys like rubber ducks and let the dog chew on it, but it has a few drawbacks … First, toys are perishable – the dog can eat one of them for 10 minutes. Secondly, it is not the secure way … Items may be stuck in the esophagus of the animal and cause serious health problems. That’s why you need a bully stick for dogs.

The best bully stick is ideal for chewing. They are Safety for consumption, will last a long time (the dog cannot chew it quickly) and distract your pet from damage to your belongings.

2. Health.

We all know how useful chewing is for dogs and now we also know what are bully sticks. These animals have a specific structure of the teeth, which requires constant work. This is due genetically to the fact that dogs must chew hard and tough foods. However, modern food is not very tough, so dogs start gnawing on everything they see on their way.

Best bully stick allows your pet to strengthen teeth and leave them in a healthy state. In addition, these treats have nothing toxic about them (as artificial bones for chewing), so it can not harm your health in general.

Safety of best bully sticks for dogs

Dog Chewing a Bully Stick

The main issue that bothers us is how safe these snacks are for dogs and whether they can do harm to health. This is a very correct question because there are no rules that regulate the production and sale of treats for animals since formally this is not food. This creates some difficulties in determining how useful or harmless the product is.

We again return to the fact that bully stick must be cooked correctly. In the opposite case, your dog may be threatened with bacterial contamination and other consequences. Please note that the package should contain the signs of certification and product verification, as well as information on how it was prepared.

So, such treats are completely safe for pets, if you are used to buying things for dogs in trusted stores. They are made from natural products, and so cannot be dangerous for any other reasons.

Which bully stick to choose

Even among best bully stick, there are recognizable producers and types of treats. As you know, you need to choose only quality products, so we have prepared for you a list of the best snack options for your pet. There are also best bully stick for dogs from chicken, vegetables, and other ingredients.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

We already know that one of the main features of the best bully stick is a positive effect on the health of a dog’s teeth. Blue Buffalo is focused on this influence, so it has the appropriate composition. These snacks contain a number of vitamins useful for animals, for example, vitamins A, C, E and other useful ingredients. Also, there are no allergens that can be dangerous for dogs.

The product is made in the USA and has confirmed certificates that adds trust to many customers. Dental bones have different textures that are designed for dogs of different ages and have different purposes. Therefore, you can choose individual best bully stick for your dog.

If your dog does not have the ability to chew something, it can threaten with dental plaque and the development of bacteria, which leads to bad breath, pain and even loss of teeth. Users of Dental Bones note that after using a pack of snacks their dogs got rid of the smell, and the health of the teeth as a whole improved. You can find the best bully sticks coupon online to buy it cheaper.

Some may wonder, but peanut butter in bully sticks for dogs can be surprisingly useful for dogs. This is used both as a food supplement and for the treatment of various diseases. Not surprisingly, one of the most correct ways to add peanut butter to the pet’s diet is snacks.

A distinctive feature of these delicacies is that dogs simply adore them. It does not have any hidden ingredients, and the product brings the dog only benefit. The appetizer does not bring trouble to the owners, for example, unpleasant smell or coloring of furniture. This is an excellent product to entertain a pet and benefit its health.

SmartSticks Chicken Dog Chew

These excellent best bully sticks are suitable for puppies or adult dogs that do not eat tough food or they eat everything, risking suffocation from small parts. Chicken sticks are most loved among four-legged customers, but one should not give your dog an unlimited number of chopsticks per day, as this can trigger an allergy or eating disorder due to high protein content.

But this does not make bully sticks for dogs less useful if you follow the instructions, because any product can become harmful if you do not follow the rules. SmartSticks are manufactured in Vietnam, but they have all confirmed product quality certificates.

Bully sticks for dogs are made from natural products – chicken, vegetables and other ingredients, which makes the sticks completely organic. It does not contain foods that are not digested, so you do not have to worry about how this will affect your dog’s health.

Supreme bully stick

These best bully sticks are positioned as a classic snack for dogs, which contributes to the strengthening of the gums and the preservation of oral health. Most dog owners prefer these particular wands because this is a proven snack, which is recommended by most veterinarians.

You can find them in different sizes for different dogs, from puppies to large adult breeds. The composition of Supreme bully stick is completely organic, you will not find anything synthetic here. But this is a product of animal origin, so these snacks also have a specific smell.

However, many buyers note that they have become disappointed in the quality of the product recently. The composition remained the same but the size of the rods became smaller at the same price. You can also buy it with the best bully sticks coupon to save some money.

DreamBone Chicken Dog Chew

These fully organic sticks are made from chicken and vegetables. They are well absorbed by the dog’s body and do not contain anything harmful or suspicious. They are tough enough to develop the jaw of a dog well, while they contain a large number of different useful components. So best dog bully sticks are great for your dog’s health.

All this not only strengthens the teeth and jaws but also nourishes the body. In addition, your dog will be much more balanced and calmer if you leave it alone with a snack that you can chew for a long time.


Most dog owners are very worried about providing pets with only quality products and do not harm their health. Therefore, there are many questions regarding how to use a bully stick correctly, how often a dog can chew it, etc.

What if the dog swallowed a small whole piece of a best bully sticks for dogs ?
The best bully stick is a natural product that is suitable for consumption and is normally digested. You should not worry unless your dog has been able to swallow most of the food, because it can get stuck in the food passage. To prevent this from happening, pick up the best bully sticks for dogs. If the dog is large, choose bigger treats, so that your pup cannot eat the whole as soon as it takes the bully stock in his mouth.
How often should I give a best bully sticks for dogs to my dog?
Despite all the advantages of such a treat, you should not give those to your dog all the time. Due to the fact that the best bully sticks for dogs contain a large amount of protein in the composition, do not give a treat more than once a day. Protein is useful, but it can also lead to overfeeding. Check with your veterinarian if you can give bully stick for puppies that often.
How long will the best bully sticks for dogs last?
The shelf life and operation of the best bully stick can be up to 2 years. But the period of using your dog's treats can be very different. It depends on the breed and nature. Some pets can nibble one best bully sticks for dogs for several months and it will look new. Some dogs can destroy one meal in a few days and it will also be normal. You’ll have to figure out how this will work with your dog.

As we can see, the best bully sticks for dogs is an excellent addition to the diet and entertainment of your pet. This not only has a good effect on the health of dogs but is also an excellent entertainment for a puppy or an adult dog. We assure you that your dog will like it.

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