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Cute Dog Breeds: Time to Get Cuddly With the 16 Cutest Dogs Around

Are you ready for a heart-melting, cuddly canine overload of cuteness? Well, grab your comfy sweater and a nice cup of tea. You're about to be warmed and fuzzied by some of the cutest dog breeds ever!

Man's best (and cutest) friend

What makes dogs so cute? From their fluffy fur coats to their adorable face shapes, all the way to their warm and loving eyes, dogs are just the best! 

We've compiled a list of some of the cutest dog breeds you will ever lay your eyes on. They may not know how cute they are, but we've categorically labeled them as little (or big) cutie-pies. 

Without any further hesitation, let's give a big squeeze to the top cutest dog breeds of all time!

#1. The French Bulldog

With that smooshed face, how could a dog lover not fall for this cute dog? That squashable squashed face instantly qualifies French Bulldogs as one of the top cute puppy dog breeds.

Sadly, even though their snouts make Frenchies super cute, they suffer from breathing issues - mainly during hot and humid weather. However, since this dog also loves the idea of lounging, their "lazy" moments give the Frenchie time to recover their breathing and relax.

#2. Beagle

Known as one of the top cute dog breeds that have ever existed, it has a "puppy face" for most of its life. A curious dog by nature, they always seem to be getting into "cute" situations.

Avoid too much time inside for the Beagle. With boundless energy, these adorable dogs need outdoor activity, or else they can quickly get bored and lose some of their puppy pep. Room to roam and space to explore makes these pups happy.

#3. Cocker Spaniel

As the name indicates, its origins are from Spain. The "Cocker" part of their name comes from the "woodcock," a bird the Cocker Spaniel would flush out of the thicket and retrieve after hunting it down.

Aside from being a hunting breed, this dog is also one of the cutest dog breeds because of its coffee-colored coat and curly locks. They are friendly animals and get along great with small kids and other pets.

#4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is loaded with cuteness - right down to its bobbed tail! You may have seen this breed of dog walking with Queen Elizabeth II, who chose this particular breed as her furry companions.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is super bright, but it has as much brain power as it does cuteness. They are also very highly independent creatures. Throw in a bit of stubbornness as well, and you'll find their charm matches their personality.

#5. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is like a lifelong puppy. They retain their youthful, puppy-like looks for a long time (being one of the slowest maturing breeds). They are also puppies at heart. Playful nature and attitude go hand in hand with their youthful appearance.

They are also a very sociable breed. A dedicated friend to the family, the Golden Retriever loves to be surrounded by its human family and friends. This dog loves to play outside, and by accommodating this dog's playtime, you'll have a happy and healthy dog for a long time!

#6. Dachshund

The Dachshund is so cute; it was lovingly given the nickname "Wiener dog." However, this Wiener is also a winner. With a loving disposition, it is also one of the most protective and loyal of the cute small dog breeds.

These pint-sized pups full of cuteness also love mental stimulation. Providing them with games and activities will give them an alert and youthful mind. So by making sure your Dachshund has lots of things to sniff and search for, you'll have a cute and happy friend!

#7. Bernese Mountain Dog

Let's talk about cute big dog breeds! The Bernese Mountain Dog exhibits the adorable factor at a maximum. Weighing up to 110 lbs, this dog is well-tempered and easygoing. It can be content simply laying around being cute but will need some exercise from time to time.

Being a big ball of fluff, these dogs aren't necessarily fond of hot weather. Best to avoid strenuous hot weather activities with this dog, and instead try to keep them cool. They are a leisurely lump of loyal love and one of the cutest dog breeds of that size!

#8. Yorkshire Terrier

When you can fit cute into a purse, you're describing the Yorkshire Terrier. Now a firm favorite with celebrities like Ivanka Trump, this dog had its humble start chasing rats in 19th century England. This was the main reason for breeding them.

Most Terriers were bred for that purpose. Fierce but tiny, they could easily follow a rat anywhere and catch them. They've come a long way since their rat chasing days, but these dogs still need to be stimulated with the chase by way of play and exploration.

#9. Miniature Schnauzer

Take the aesthetic of an 18th century well-seasoned, pretentious, gentleman professor, and put it into dog form, and you get the Miniature Schnauzer. The thought alone is the epitome of the cute dog - whiskers, eyebrows, beard, and all!

These dogs were bred to chase rats and other pests. If you've ever taken one for a walk and a squirrel passed by, you'll have seen them kick into pest-chasing gear rather quickly! But their main job is protecting their human family with their undeniable watchdog abilities.

#10. Cavalier King Charles

There's a good reason they're called the "comfort spaniel". A kind and gentle dog with a ton of sweetness, these dogs are high on the list of being one of the cutest dogs ever! The love you give them is reciprocated - and who wouldn't fall in love with those beautiful big eyes!

This cute small dog breed makes a perfect "lap dog," but the lap shouldn't be a constant home. They need to play, as they are also very energetic by nature. They are fond of humans and cats, so the more furry friends for this sweet pup, the better.

#11. Shih Tzu

If you have ever imagined a toy coming to life, the Shih Tzu is it! Long hair cascading down its body and draping the folds of its face; this dog is a walking fountain of fine and flowing fur; With all that fur around its eyes and nose, with color variations, the cute factor is high!

As one of the cute tiny dog breeds, this pup prefers to have fun inside. After a quick burst of energy, this doggie soon finds itself back on the bed snoozing. As they get older, they’ll need some help getting up on the bed; a dog ramp is just what you need!

#12. Border Collie

With one of the friendliest faces a dog could ever have, the Border Collie has a gentle and kind expression in its loving eyes. Their breeding for sheepherding means they'll use those expressive eyes to stare into your eyes and win a game of "don't blink" every single time.

That laser-like focus is what makes them great at herding sheep. But, because of their chosen profession, these pups need lots of exercise and room to run. This is a dutiful dog that loves to play. The Border Collie is a perfect companion for an active person. 

#13. Shiba Inu

With fox-like features, these balls of fur are spirited and full of energy. Giving these dogs a place to let loose and run at top speed is just what they need! A ton of energy with a character to match, the Shiba Inu is also adorable in appearance.

Short fur with a curled over the tail and a permanent smile, the Shiba Inu looks like the friendliest and cutest dog breeds you could ever meet. Spend time playing with them, letting them run, and they will express a ton of love for you.

#14. Shetland Sheepdogs

A Shetland Sheepdog (or Sheltie) is as intelligent as it is cute. With their windswept friendly face, they fall into the category of the cute medium-sized dog breeds. Because they’re super-bright, these dogs need mental stimulation to stay happy. 

They need to keep active and go around exploring to balance their lounging. By playing games with them, you'll find this breed will flourish. They love a calm and quiet but active environment and also quiet companionship.

#15. Bichon Frise

A powder puff turned into a dog, the Bichon Frises takes award after award at dog shows for its over-the-top cuteness. One of the cute fluffy dog breeds with a fuzzy face and pink tongue always sticking out of a constant grin, you'll want to cuddle it all day long!

Aside from being beyond adorable, these dogs are also super-alert. The slightest sound will have these cuties barking up a storm! Their watchdog abilities are as strong as their darling puffiness. 

#16. Maltese

The dog version of the Hollywood starlet is the Maltese. With its ponytail ears, often adorned with ribbons, and its diva-esque attitude, the Maltese is not only cute but Hollywood runway ready.

If you suffer from allergies, don't let their long hair fool you! They're one of the cute dog breeds that don't shed because they don't have an undercoat. They are playful and have a ton of energy, but are also excellent companions as they enjoy cuddling their pet parents.

A cute conclusion

The dogs on this list are indeed cute. However, you can also find cute mixed dog breeds that are equally cute! While some breeds require their human companions to be as energetic as they are, others need less physical activity and more cuddle time.

Find the breed that suits your lifestyle and needs, and you'll have the dog you've dreamed of with all of its endearing qualities. Any one of these amazing breeds will give you a "cute as a button" furry buddy!

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