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The Dachshund Mix: A Crossbred Cutie

There is no mistaking a Dachshund. It's a super cute wiener dog with tiny legs, a long body, and a never-ending smile. With a ton of character, they score 10/10 in the cuteness department. 

When combined with other breeds, these little pups become even more adorable! So, what are these Dachshund mixes?

18 Popular dachshund mixes

We've compiled the most popular Dachshund mixes that have made their way into homes worldwide. While some have one parent trait that stands out more than the other, most of them are a perfect combination of both breeds. Let's look at these Dachshund cross breeds!

#1. Pekehund

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Pekingese

The American Kennel Club may not recognize the Pekehund as an official dog breed, but these dogs make our list with their unique Dachshund mix appearance. A cross between a Dachshund and a Pekingnese, the Pekehund is a unique blend of energy and relaxation.

#2. Daschsweiler

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Rottweiler

One of the strangest crossbreeds on our list, one parent is long and slender, and the other large and bulky. The result is a long and bulky but stocky pup that's affectionate and playful. Because of their lineage, Daschsweilers make excellent watchdogs.

#3. Docker

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Cocker Spaniel

One of the most beautiful crossbreeds on our list, the Docker, is a cross between a Dachshund and a Cocker Spaniel. It's a sweet-natured doggie with a happy demeanor. Watch out, though! These one-foot tall luxuriously coated cuties may be a tad stubborn!

#4. Dachsie Apso

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Lhasa Apso

Although it's a tiny dog, the Dachsie Apso is one courageous little ball of love. Dachsie Apsos are playful and love being around children. They're always up for fun activities and games. As long as these little guys get lots of exercise and love, they'll be well-adjusted and well-tempered.

#5. Jackshund

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Jack Russell Terrier

Both parents were hunting dogs but in different ways, making this Dachshund Terrier mix super energetic and sharp! 

The Dachshunds were best suited for tunnel-type hunting, while the Jack Russell Terrier is fearless in a fox den. This combination makes the Jackshund an intelligent and athletic little dog.

#6. Doxiepoo

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Poodle

With a combination of elegance (the poodle) and sassiness (the Dachshund), this dog is a mix of cleverness, mischief, and stubbornness. Its coat is more like the poodle's, but instead of being puffy, it is more curly.

#7. Dameranian

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Pomeranian

The Dameranian is a teensy, tiny dog with a pleasant and sweet temperament. This crossbreed's coat and appearance vary from dog to dog. Make sure to give the Dameranian plenty of attention; it loves being the center of all things fun!

#8. West Highland Doxie

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x West Highland Terrier

An unusual crossbreed of Dachshund and West Highland Terrier, this dog blends the endurance of the Scottish Highlands with a practical German lineage. These dogs love to play, but it might be better to team them up with older kids since they're tiny and could get hurt easily.

#9. Toy Foxie Doxie

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Toy Fox Terrier

This combination results in a spunky and energetic dog with a sweet disposition. Toy Foxie Doxies may be sweet, but they also pack a ton of energy and will keep you on your toes! With a tendency to bark, we recommend early training to help curtail some of their over-the-top vocal performances.

#10. Doxie Pit

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Pit Bull Terrier

With the weird combination of a Pitbull Dachshund mix, the Doxie Pit is a breed for the "what is that?" files. This scarce breed makes anyone who spots it wonder. 

The Doxie Pit has a low to the ground but long and muscular body. Some say they look pretty intimidating! However, these dogs are the most loving creatures who give as much love as they get.

#11. Smooth Foxie Doxie

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Smooth Fox Terrier

A sweet and playful combination, the Smooth Foxie Doxie is full of pep. They also fare well with families that don't have younger children or other pets. These pups love chasing, and chase they will, whether it's the children or your pet hamster! Training is indeed required to help them keep their energy in check.

#12. Shibadox

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Shiba Inu

This mix may look odd, but their sweet temperament makes them a popular wiener dog mix. Since both parents are energetic, expect the Shibadox to respond better if you make sure they get regular exercise. Plus, it may prevent unwanted weight gain.

#13. Dorgi

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Welsh Corgi

This dachshund corgi mix is an adorable but slightly stubborn little dog. Both parent breeds have similar, low-to-the-ground features, and this comes together in the Dorgi. A clever dog with a ton of energy, this breed will require fun and games to keep it happy and healthy.

#14. Mauxie

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Maltese

A well-tempered breed, the Mauxie is also an easy-to-train dog with an adaptable nature. It looks a bit like a long-haired Dachshund and makes an excellent pet for someone new to pets. 

Grooming the Mauxie is crucial; it has long hair, so it requires care to keep its coat silky and healthy.

#15. Chiweenie

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Chihuahua

A unique Chihuahua, Dachshund mix, the Chiweenie is one of the most miniature dog breeds listed. Despite its tiny size, it is as feisty as a Chihuahua and as stubborn as the Dachshund. 

But, even though it can be a handful, the Chiweenie will shower you with love and affection. 

#16. Doxle

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Beagle

If you are looking for a sweet breed, this Dachshund Beagle mix is it! The Doxle has a gentle and affectionate temperament. Although the Doxle has a distinctive look and shape, their coats come in various colors and markings.

#17. Golden Dox

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Golden Retriever

The Golden Dox is a super cute Golden Retriever Dachshund mix that's alert and energetic. This dog is always up for boisterous playing!. The more exercise, the better this pup's temperament and health will be. 

The Golden Dox is intelligent and affectionate, combining the best of both parents in one winning breed.

#18. Basschshund

Mom and Dad: Dachshund x Basset Hound

Basschshunds are a cute combination of the Basset Hound and the Dachshund. This hard to pronounce breed takes the best of both parental breeds to make it one of the friendliest dachshund mixes. 

How to care for your Dachshund mix

There are a few particular things to think about when you consider owning a Dachshund mix. The Dachshund side of your doggie will have many unique characteristics, and when combined with other breeds, it could either amplify or balance them out. 

Here are some traits to look for:

  • Longevity -  Like most small dog breeds, a Dachshund can live a long life - up to 15 years of age. If mixed with another smaller breed, Dachshund mixes may live even longer!

As smaller breeds age, they may need help getting up to higher surfaces like the bed or the couch. You can help your Dachshund mix reach its favorite snuggle spot without a struggle with a bed ramp for dogs.

  • It's a small breed - The Dachshund is a small breed. A standard or miniature weighs anywhere between 10-30 pounds and measures only 8-9 inches. Mixed with other breeds, they may turn out slightly larger or taller.
  • Attention - The Dachshund needs a lot of attention and a ton of love. However, if mixed with a more aggressive or protective breed, your Dachshund mix may be just fine with a little less love and more quiet or alone time.
  • Food! - Dachshunds love to eat. Sometimes they aren't sure when to stop eating. You can keep filling their bowl, and they will keep gobbling it up. If bred with another ravenous eating dog, it may be prone to weight gain. It's crucial to make sure your doggie gets plenty of exercise and watch their portion size!
  • Good with small children - A Dachshund does well with small children. However, smaller mixes may be vulnerable to boisterous kids. Most Dachshund mixes are loyal and protective and will look after the family. 
  • Health concerns - Dachshunds may develop Intervertebral Disk Disease. Due to them being a small breed, they may suffer from a herniated disk or have typical Dachshund back problems. By watching their weight and providing them with enough exercise, you can help prevent these problems.

Your Dachshund mix and you

If you've ever had a Dachshund, you'll know it's usually a well-tempered and loving dog. When you have a mix of Dachshund and another breed, you'll have the best of both doggy worlds.

Understanding both breeds will help you care for your doggie with both breeds' unique characteristics in mind. You'll be able to give them what they need and work with their specific temperament, giving them a long and happy life.

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