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The 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds that Make the Best Snuggle Buddies

Does snuggling up with a furry pillow that gives you the occasional slobbery kiss appeal to you? Us too! Here are the top ten breeds with an adorably fluffy coat and a few notes on how best to care for one!

Personally, we think that all dogs are cute. But there is something irresistible about the cute dog breeds that look like giant puffballs of fur, like the Samoyed and the Old English Sheepdog. 

Somehow, most of these breeds' have a nature as sweet as their looks, and the dogs on this list make wonderful pets to adopt if you don't mind picking up the vacuum twice a week and regular trips to the dog groomers. 

So, what are the fluffiest big dog breeds?

Take a look down this list to find the perfect warm and cuddly companion for all your nights spent Netflixing on the couch – you won't even need a throw pillow or a blanket!

#1 The Shetland Sheepdog

The Sheepdog is one of the fluffiest small dog breeds with a much larger personality than you might think, making them friendly with everyone they meet. 

  • These farm dogs are active and love to have a task at hand, giving them plenty of training and making them feel needed to help feed their security.
  • They're knowledgeable and easy to train, being natural herders. 
  • These fluffy puppies need full-body brushing a couple of times each week to prevent matted fur, and they shed heavily year-round, with extra-heavy losses of fur around the changing of the seasons.

#2 The Poodle

You can find this fluffy dog breed in all shapes and sizes, from tiny toy to miniature and standard.

  • The Poodle breed is a worldwide favorite and has hypoallergenic fur, making it a fantastic choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Poodles are brilliant dogs and are deeply attached to their owner's happiness. 
  • You'll need to brush your Poodle several times each week and daily, if possible.
  • The fluffy dog care of a Poodle means you should take them to the groomer every 4-6 weeks to get a cut.
  • While many choose the Poodle cut, the unique look isn't for everyone – regular grooming is a must, but you can also select an all-over trim if you prefer. 

These dogs don't shed much, meaning you won't have to vacuum any more than you would in a dog-less house. 

#3 The Samoyed

This white fluffy dog is so friendly! It’s known for its sweet Sammy smile and constant need for attention, which makes sense if you consider their herding origins. Samoyed dogs originate in Asia as hunting, herding, and sledding dogs – they did it all!

  • Samoyed dogs are very smart and need a strong-handed alpha to keep them in line with plenty of training; otherwise, their mischievous personalities may run rampant!
  • Like many other genetic variants, the Samoyed has sweet smiles that are a survival mechanism meant to keep drool from leaving their mouths.
  • In the arctic temperatures that these dogs used to inhabit, this drool would otherwise form icicles and painfully freeze to the pup's fur and face. 

#4 The Old English Sheepdog

Five dollars for anyone who can guess where these Sheepdogs originated! As one of the biggest, fluffiest dog breeds out there, the Old English Sheepdog became popular as a symbol of wealth in the United States. They were the dog of choice for the Vanderbilts, the Guggenheims, and several other high profile American families. 

  • You can keep the Sheepdog's thick coat short or long, but beware – with a longer length, brushing becomes a daily task to keep mats and tangles at bay. 
  • Old English Sheepdogs shed a lot as the seasons change, but decidedly less throughout the year than some other fluffy dog breeds.
  • The Sheepdog is a farm dog, so keep them happy with a moderate amount of exercise and plenty of mental tasks to keep them stimulated.
  • These independent pups will also need socialization and training to play well with others and avoid becoming too independent. 

#5 The Bearded Collie

Bearded Collies have a very thick coat that lies flat, unlike the Samoyed or Keeshond, and it changes color several times over their lives. 

  • These hairy pups are herders, and like the other herders on this list, they're smart and savvy – be sure to exercise your Bearded Collie well to keep the dog well-adjusted. 
  • Daily brushing helps keep mats and tangles to a minimum. 

#6 The Keeshond

One of our favorite fluffy dog breeds is the Keeshond, a medium-sized dog with circles of colorful fur around its eyes, referred to as spectacles

  • The Dutch Keeshond's priority is companionship with its owner, and it’s always down for a cuddle session. 
  • The breed is a mix of several other cute dog breeds, like the Samoyed and Chow Chow.
  • Twice a year, the Keeshond will shed a lot, but the rest of the year, the shedding is minimal compared to some other fluffballs.

#7 The Tibetan Mastiff

A Tibetan Mastiff is truly something to behold – and it's difficult to hold anything that weighs 150 pounds or more!

This guard dog traditionally kept a close watch on his master's livestock, even through the coldest winters that Tibet could offer. 

  • Tibetan Mastiffs have a mane that makes them look like the king of the forest – the lion – and the breed sheds twice a year during seasonal changes. 
  • Brush your Mastiff weekly and start the training early, while you still have some control over this dog's heavy body – with their independent nature, even a well-trained Mastiff shouldn't be off his leash in any compromising situation.
As a guard dog, the Tibetan Mastiff will be wary of strange humans and dogs outside of his family circle, so early socialization with others is key to successful ownership!

#8 The Chow Chow

This historically Chinese breed looks like a puffy lion dog, according to the citizens in its home country that named it as such. These pups have a thick double coat and a large, mighty mane around the neck. While all that fur perfectly suits winter weather, this breed doesn't fare well in hotter climates. 

  • As if these pups didn't stand out from the crowd enough already, the Chow Chow also has a blue tongue. 
  • These guard dogs need to be well-socialized to trust strangers and friends alike – beware of their slightly stubborn streak!

#9 The Pekingese

The Pekingese is a great pup to own if you want a fluffy dog that doesn't take up too much space.

  • This small dog breed has a lot of hair on such a tiny body, which requires daily brushing and grooming to avoid tangles and mats.
  • You can also get a manageably short cut, which can significantly cut down grooming time. 
  • Pekingese dogs don't need much exercise, and they love small-apartment living – all they need is some space on their owner's lap for lots of cuddly love and affection. 

This stubborn breed can be tough to train and is well-suited in homes with no children. 

#10 The Newfoundland

These massive Canadian beasts can seem a little intimidating at first glance until you see their sweet and mild temperament. These dogs are anything but intimidating and have a strong pull to help others, making excellent rescue dogs with their enormous muscular bodies. 

A Newfoundland dog has a very dense coat that sheds like crazy during seasonal changes. Groom daily when your pup is in shedding mode and weekly the rest of the time. 

Final Note: Essential Grooming Considerations

If you're considering adopting a puppy, you'll want to factor in each breed's grooming and maintenance needs – read this for more on what you need to decide before adopting. 

With a fluffy dog breed, you'll likely be brushing your pup at least once a week for 10 minutes, and on the high end, daily for the most high-maintenance coats. Keep these quick tips in mind:

  • Always brush out mats before you bathe your doggo, or risk making the tangles 10x worse.
  • Use grooming time as an opportunity to check your dog's skin and body over for any signs of a problem.
  • Brush your pup's undercoat more during the shedding seasons, when its fur is extra prone to matting and tangling. 

We hope you find the perfect little floofball to complete your home!

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