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14 Friendliest Dog Breeds: Let's Shake a Paw With Them

Have you recently decided to invite a furry four-legged friend to join your family? You may be looking for a high-energy breed for your active lifestyle, or perhaps you would prefer a more docile dog to keep you company while you do crosswords.

Whatever your needs are, there's a dog that will be just perfect for you and your family. To help you decide, we’ve put together a guide to some of the friendliest dog breeds you can adopt!

Finding the Friendliest Furry Friend for Your Family

As part of early human evolution, dogs played a significant role in our development in finding food or fighting off enemies. Is it any wonder that they became man's best friend?

Dogs are naturally friendly towards humans. However, some are friendlier than others. Before you begin your search for your new best friend, figure out which breed suits you. Here are some questions to ask yourself!

Why do you want to get a dog?

Are you lonely? Are you energetic and want a workout partner, or do you want safety and security? Or, do you just love dogs so much that you see them as valued and loving friends? 

The reasons to get a dog are many, but knowing why you want one will help you find the right breed.

What dog breeds did you have during your younger years?

If you had a dog growing up, you know how much joy they can bring a family.

Choosing a familiar breed makes it easier for you to adapt to being a pet parent once again. Some of the friendliest dog breeds are the ones with familiar faces. 

Are you allergic?

Dogs can cause allergic reactions in people. Choosing a dog that is hypoallergenic if you are sensitive to dander is a win/win!

Research dog breeds that will give you less of a sneeze-fest, and you and your nose will love them!

Who lives with you?

If you live alone, you can choose any dog breed that you want and rest easy.

However, if you have family members living with you, you will have to consider what type of people they are. This is even more relevant if you have small children.

Location, location, location!

Choosing a dog breed based on where you live is also very important.

Imagine shoving a St. Bernard into a one-bedroom apartment. Or if you're in a quiet neighborhood, it's best not to bring home a yappy dog. 

Are you active?

Dogs require a TON of work and attention, even with the friendliest dog breeds!

If your main hobby is watching TV, then an active dog may be good for you to get some exercise, but if even a dog doesn't get you off the couch, you should consider getting a more relaxed pet to suit your lifestyle.

What is your temperament?

Just like people, dogs have different temperaments.

Before you adopt a dog, think about whether you want one of the friendliest dog breeds or a quieter dog.

Since dogs bond so closely with their human companion, it makes perfect sense that they match in temperament.

What can you realistically afford?

A dog can cost a lot! Some breeds cost more than others.

Ensure you can fully afford your new pet from medical bills to food, grooming, and more.

Do your research into the breeds you are considering – they don’t all cost the same to support!

Our Favorite Friendliest Dog Breeds 

Once you've figured out which type of dog you’re interested in, it's time to learn more about some friendly dog breeds you may consider. 

Here's a list of 14 of our favorites for you to consider!

#1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an excellent dog in a social setting. No wonder the Queen of England loves this breed!

Corgis are affectionate, they're great with children and other dogs, and they are super attentive.

#2 Havanese

If you want a loveable dog that can also make you laugh and entertain you, look no further than the Havanese.

This breed is known for acting goofy and having fun, making it a perfect breed if you need a pick-me-up buddy!

#3 Labrador Retriever

For 29 years, the Labrador Retriever has been named the most popular dog breed in the U.S. This dog was bred to be a companion, and all you have to do is look at it to see how friendly it is! 

Labrador Retrievers prefer the company of humans more than anything, but they usually also get along with other dogs. This is one of the friendliest large dog breeds. 

#4 Golden Retriever

Also very popular in the U.S. as a good dog breed, the Golden Retriever just wants to please its human family.

This dog breed's playful attitude makes it a perfect pet for a family with young children and other dogs. 

#5 Boston Terrier

Another breed that will make you laugh, the Boston Terrier, is all about having fun! It can easily make friends with both humans and other dogs and is super playful.

This dog will make you laugh, but it is also generally well-mannered and obedient. 

Known as one of the calm dog breeds, the Boston Terrier has earned its nickname "The American Gentleman."

#6 Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a laid-back and friendly dog breed with a sweet temperament.

Setters love to play! Whether it is playing a fetch game with you or running with the kids, this breed will definitely benefit from all the exercise and attention. 

Since this dog loves to exercise, giving them your attention is key to keeping them happy. If you neglect an Irish Setter for even small amounts of time, it may resort to barking and destroying property!

#7 Beagle

A very happy-go-lucky and playful breed, the Beagle enjoys the company of humans over the company of dogs. It appreciates a perfect balance of play and rest, making this breed of dog an ideal companion for active people who also enjoy a little R & R.

#8 Border Collie

This dog loves to please and has a ton of love to give. The Border Collie is intelligent, which may make them initially hesitant to love and be loved, but once this dog receives your affection and attention, you have a faithful and loyal friend for life!

#9 Boxer

A Boxer is the type of dog who is all about give-and-take in a relationship with its human companion.

If a Boxer receives love and affection from you, it will give you back that and more. This is one of the best dog breeds for families of all sizes.

#10 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a gentle and sweet dog breed. Having a loving home with attentive human companions will bring out the best in this dog, making it one of the friendliest dog breeds out there.

It will also be one of the most loyal breeds you ever find!

#11 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enjoys being around human companions and is terrific with small children and other dogs.

This is one of the friendliest small dog breeds and prefers company over being alone.

#12 Pug

Loving, easy-going, and super adaptable, the Pug is a cute little dog for any home. It fits in nicely with adults, children, and other dogs as well. It has a quirky personality and a love for life, so you’ll find it to be one of the best family dogs. 

#13 Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog loves to please and is keen on taking on jobs to do as the family pet. These dogs are alert and good-natured, so if you need a watchdog or a dog nanny, this is it!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are some of the best dogs for kids, and they can even herd sheep! 

#14 Alaskan Malamute

A very outgoing dog breed, the Alaskan Malamute will win your heart over with its playful nature and gentle attitude.

One downfall is that they are so friendly, they will even welcome strangers into your home with the same enthusiasm. (Yes, not the best watchdog!)

Enjoy Your New Furry Friend!

Once you have researched the best dog breed choice for you and your household, you can rest assured that any one of the friendly dog breeds in this list will be an excellent addition to your family!

Whether you choose a good old Golden Retriever to fill your days with fun, a Malamute as your mate, or a Boxer as your new best friend, dogs are truly great companions!

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