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Reasons to Get a Dog: Why Dogs Are the Best Pets!

There’s a reason why dogs are humanity’s best friend, and that’s because they are not only friendly but fiercely loyal to their owners. But loyalty and dog companionship are far from being the only reasons to get a pet dog. 

In fact, there are many more benefits of owning a dog than you might expect (as if you need any more reasons to have a dog!). There are health benefits of owning a dog (physical and mental), there are social benefits of having a dog, and dogs can even help you learn how to be a better human being!

Get your new puppy checklist ready because here are the top 10 reasons to get a dog (and why dogs are the best pets in the world)! 

10 Reasons to get a dog

From companionship and loyalty to the health benefits of having a dog, here are the best reasons to own a dog. 

#1 Dogs offer companionship

Companionship is one of the best reasons to get a dog. Dogs are always there for you, and they can quickly fill your home with life, love, and friendliness.

Life is better with a dog because they are always looking for a little affection and are always ready to accept your affection too. Life with a dog has its challenges, of course, but together, you and your pet dog are always going to be there for each other!

#2 Dogs are ferociously loyal

One of the reasons why dogs are the best pets is because dogs are ferociously loyal to their owners. All that love and affection you shower upon your pet from when they are a puppy will be repaid in kind through their life, whenever you need it.

Dogs will always be there. They aren’t going to run away, leave home, or desert you, especially if you treat them right. Every day, they’ll be at the door, loyally waiting for you to return home from work! 

#3 Dogs teach humans how to be responsible

If you’re wondering ‘should I get a dog?’, then always remember that dogs do bring with them a huge need for responsibility. Dogs need you to look after them and care for them, and as the old saying goes, ‘A dog is for life, and not just for Christmas.’ 

But responsibility works both ways. While dogs need you to be a responsible adult, one of the good reasons to get a dog is that they teach humans how to be responsible. 

Many adults start their family by raising a dog first, learning responsibility, then preparing themselves for the added responsibility of a child later in life. 

#4 Dogs become part of the family

Dogs quickly become part of the family, or as we already mentioned, they can even be the start of your family (and that’s yet another reason why dogs are awesome!). 

With so much love, affection, and loyalty to give, that’s really no surprise. Dogs quickly integrate themselves into your home and become more than just a pet; so much so that you’ll be wondering how your family ever existed before their arrival. 

#5 Dogs can improve your mental well being 

Another fantastic reason why dogs are good for you is the fact that they have such a positive impact on mental well being. 

Stress relief is one of the major benefits of owning a pet because they are proven to increase happiness, lower anxiety, and provide a sense of purpose and meaning. If you’re feeling depressed, lonely, or anxious, then a dog can seriously help.

#6 Dogs can improve your physical health 

If you’re feeling lazy, inactive, or unfit, then one of the major benefits of dogs is that they get you out of the house. 

Dogs need exercise, and they need their human owner to take them on long walks regularly. This not only keeps your dog happy and healthy but makes you, the owner, happy and healthy too. 

#7 Dogs can improve your social life

If you’re still wondering why you should get a dog, then how about the social improvements they can bring into your life? 

Taking your dog for regular walks gives you the chance to interact with other dog owners, while puppy training classes, agility sessions, and even doggy daycare are all places to make new friends (for both pet and human). 

#8 Dogs can even help out with your love life

If you’re single, then a dog isn’t just a great companion, but they could help you to meet the love of your life. 

Dog owners are often attracted to one another, and your dog could be the ice breaker you need to meet your life partner. 

#9 Dogs can save your life

Throughout human history, dogs have been there guarding homes and protecting their owners. The same holds true today because dog benefits and pet benefits extend as far as lifesaving. 

Your dog could let you know there are intruders, or they could warn you that something is amiss. Dogs have even been known to alert their owners if children are in danger, and they’ve even saved their owners from drowning and from wild animals. 

So why get a dog? Well, your life could depend on one!

#10 Dogs are great!

Are you still wondering, ‘Why should I get a dog?’ Well, how about this awesome reason: dogs are great!

Yep, dogs are fantastic, and there are so many benefits of having pets that are loyal, lifelong (lifesaving) companions that we feel we’ve said enough.

Why not bookmark our article, and convince the rest of your family that having a dog is the best idea yet?

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