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Best self cleaning litter box

Cleaning your house and taking care of a cat can often become a hassle. If you are a busy person it can be hard to find the time clean a litter box and the toxic dung can be potentially harmful. Some people have to find a way to clean the litter box while maintaining distance from the litter box which can expose them to viruses and bacteria. So, cleaning can become a real mess when you have to do it several times a day.

But you need not worry anymore. The world of robotics has finally moved into the cat care space. These days you can easily find automatic cat feeders and self cleaning litter boxes almost anywhere. The self cleaning litter box can especially be a real help . It helps you to forget about your cat’s cleansing needs. Automatic litter box will clean animal feces and helps you to maintain a pleasant environment. A self cleaning litter box may have different functions as a few companies have manufactured such boxes under several categories and types.

The main function of any automatic cat litter box is to cover and hold the waste until it is washed or thrown away. You can find a variety of self cleaning litter boxes running automatically on batteries and sensors. However, there are some litter boxes which use a simple mechanism to cover animals’ waste. An auto litter box can be of different types like electric litter box, robot litter box etc.

Normally, a self cleaning litter box removes the waste from the cat litter box into a separate container with the help of filter or grills. The filters and grills are closed until the debris is removed from the litter box. Nowadays, pet owners can choose a self-cleaning cat litter box that will work well for them from a wide range of choices. As a rule, a self-cleaning litter box operates on simple technology to make it easy to use. Companies that manufacture cat litter boxes offer different options for different types of cat litter boxes. They introduce unique features to create the best automatic litter box that will satisfy even the most demanding cats owners.

We hope that our picks will help you choose your best self cleaning litter box.

1. Omega Paw

Omega Paw is probably the best self cleaning litter box for people looking for efficient and yet affordable solution. Omega Paw is not fully automated, and it requires manual cleaning of waste. It just needs to roll up a unit onto its right, and that’s it. The waste will be collected and does not require much effort. Omega Paw does not use electricity or sensors for removing wastes. It has patented grills which helps to separate litter from waste. Omega paw also has a large container which helps to clean the box after two or three days. Omega Paw also has one of the best self cleaning litter box reviews.


  • This self cleaning cat litter box is completely covered. It has wide space for cats to sit and excrete.
  • Omega Paw is designed in such a way that it eliminates messy dust and also separates litter from waste.
  • Omega Paw comes with an additional tray which can be pulled out to remove waste.
  • This self cleaning litter box has a simple mechanism which is easy to use.
  • Omega Paw is made up of flexible material which has longer durability.
  • Omega Paw has no technical mechanisms and aspects involved.
  • It does not have special operating requirements.
  • Low price.
  • Large container size


  • Omega Paw needs large space to roll for separating waste.
  • The waste bags need to be replaced more often.


2. Litter box kit by Modkat

Modakat litter box kit is a large automatic litter box specially designed for top entry. It is designed in a way to prevent debris from coming out of litter box on the home floor. This self cleaning cat litter box has high walls which eliminate terrible smell and odor coming out. Modkat litter box comes with locking lids which help to avoid overflow of waste on floors and other areas of your house. Modkat litter box seems to be an ultimate solution for those who need a self cleaning litter box to keep their place clean.


  • Top entry and high walls to prevent debris out on the floor and also eliminate lousy
  • Stunning and modern look which is well suited to modern home interior design.
  • Scoop is available with this Modkat litter box, which can be hung on one side of the litter
  • Reusable liner which can be used for several months.
  • Modkat litter box has an exceptional design as compared to other self cleaning litter boxes.
  • The design of Modkat litter box supports low emission of stinky smell and keeps the environment clean.
  • Modkat litter box has liners which last for several months.


  • The price of ModKat is very high as compared to other competitive products available in the market.
  • It does not include self-cleaning function, and you need to use a scoop to clean the waste.
  • Modkat litter box needs a large space area.


3. IRIS Cat Litter Box

Iris cat litter box may be your pick if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and affordable cat litter box solution. It is not actually an automatic cat litter box, as it has no special mechanisms. The large size of IRIS cat litter box supports comfortable sitting for cats. At the same time, the large size also helps to keep the floor clean and reduces cleansing needs regularly. The unique design of the IRIS cart litter box helps easy entry of cats and hassle-free removal of waste materials. IRIS cat litter box has one of the best self cleaning litter box reviews.


  • IRIS cat litter box has small holes on lid which help to remove litter particles from cat paws.
  • Large top entry on litter box which gives ease to a cat for entering and exit.
  • High walls prevent debris particles from coming out of cat litter box.
  • IRIS cat litter box offers ease and comfort of placing litter box anywhere in the house. The litter box comes with handles and buckles to securely lift and placing it.
  • IRIS cat litter box offers large space.
  • It does not require special filters or grills.
  • Unlike automatic cat litter box, it does not require electricity.
  • It has a flip entry which is covered when cat leaves the box.
  • It is quite affordable as compared to other self cleaning litter boxes.


  • IRIS cat litter box does not have a specific waste removal mechanism. You need to clean waste with the help of scope.
  • It comes with a simple flip that can stick and spread smell in room.


4. Petsafe ScoopFree Ultra self cleaning litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree is the next self cleaning litter box that people in search of the best automatic cat litter box should consider. It is a self-scooping litter box which allows you to get rid of unpleasant smell associated with a cat litter box. PetSafe Scoop Free litter box contains blue crystals which collect feces and urine. The blue crystals are moisture and odor absorbents. The cat litter box self cleaning has never been so easy before PetSafe ScoopFree has integrated sensors and adjustable timer. Some of the main features of PetSafe ScoopFree are given below.


  • PetSafe ScoopFree offers adjustable timings.
  • It has sensors which also adjust timings.
  • Private space for cats to easily defecate.
  • Blue crystal absorbents which do not allow smell to evacuate cat litter box.
  • Plastic hood for adds an extra layer to trap the smell.
  • Can be managed easily without any hassle.
  • Offers great hygiene and protection from microorganisms.
  • Fully automated with several features to avoid unpleasant smell and waste.
  • Low price as compared to other competitive products available in the market.


  • Blue crystals sometimes do not work when there are extra loads of waste.
  • Blue crystals need to change every week which also adds up to the cost.


5. CatGenie Self Flushing and Self-Washing Cat Box

CatGenie has some really stunning features that make it the best self cleaning litter box. This automatic litter box and comes with two years warranty. CatGenie is a toilet-shaped bowl that uses a washable material as litter. The washable material makes CatGenie a self scooping litter box. CatGenie requires an electric connection for its operations. The washing solution can also be mixed with water to add up into the container. You can use a water connection to have extra cleaning. CatGenie is easy to use, and it can clean feces of two to three cats on a daily basis, which really makes it the best self-cleaning cat litter box.


  • CatGenie self-cleaning litter does not require new litter every time your cat defecates.
  • It washes and dries itself without any cat litter required in this process.
  • CatGenie is an eco-friendly product which does not involve scooping and dumping waste material in the garbage.
  • CatGenie has adjustable time options.
  • CatGenie has an innovative design and approach of an automatic litter box.
  • CatGenie does not require human efforts.
  • It is fully automated and offers advance level mechanisms.
  • Does not require changing litter now and then.
  • Excellent design which looks like a toilet for cats.


  • CatGenie is very expensive.
  • It requires electricity and water connection for proper functioning.
  • The washable material is not effective enough to absorb smell.


6. LitterMaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning

The LitterMaid LM980 is one of the most popular automatic litter boxes, which has good drive system and does all dirty work for you. Littermaid Mega comes with speedy litter cleaning mechanism. It cleans litter within a matter of seconds. LItterMaid needs electricity for cleaning litter. Some of the great features of LitterMaid Mega re given below.


  • LitterMaid Mega automatic cat litter box has safety bars stops in case of blockages.
  • LitterMaid Mega has a function by which it gets stuck after a specific interval.
  • This is a good option for those who have multiple cats in their home.
  • The design is attractive and user-friendly.
  • LitterMaid Mega is easy to use and clean.
  • You can use any litter in it.
  • LitterMaid Mega has a normal price tag.


  • LitterMaid Mega can manage cats with weights under 15 lbs.
  • LitterMaid Mega needs containers which are purchased separately.
  • A weak mechanism which sometimes disrupts the cleaning


7. Favorite 25-Inch cat litter box

Favorite 25-Inch cat litter box is the kind of a great self cleaning cat litter box which comes at a very low price. The design of this litter box is simple. Favorite litter box is entirely manual without any automatic options. Favorite 25-Inch cat litter box has excellent reviews because it is the simplest form of a cat litter box. This product has some feature which is mentioned below.


  • Favorite 25-Inch cat litter box has a stable construction which can hold litter well and offer privacy to the cat.
  • Favorite litter box offers simple access to cats and allows easy entry and exit.
  • Favorite litter box is made of good quality, which ensures durability, and also requires less effort to clean the litter
  • Favorite litter box is simple and easy to use.
  • No need for electricity and water connection.
  • No need of litter, rakes, and
  • Very low price and great affordability.


  • Favorite litter box requires manual removal of waste.
  • Favorite litter box offers less hygiene.
  • Extra effort is required to manage waste.

Cat Litterbox Guide

Gone are the days when you needed to clean your cat. The self cleaning cat litter boxes have solved your problems. The cat litters come with self scooping litter box that reduced stinky smell and also keeps your house clean from cats’ feces. More and more people today make their choices in favor of an automatic litter box. These litter boxes offer several types and categories such as robot litter box and best automatic litter box.

A wide variety of choices make it hard to find the best self-cleaning litter box. The important thing to remember is that you should select the one which suits your needs. We recommend buying an automatic litter box that does not require much effort to clean the waste. We also recommend checking self cleaning litter box reviews before buying one for your cat.

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