Make climbing SAFER and EASIER

The Chasing Tails Dog Ramp for Beds will make your pup more independent while protecting them from harm. Build to last and quick to set-up, this dog ramp makes getting on and off of couches and beds easier than ever!

Why Do Dogs Need a Ramp?

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Why Your Dog Needs a Ramp!

When jumping on or off a couch, the pressure on a dog’s joints and back can cause health problems.

You will no longer need to constantly help your pup on or off their favorite napping spot

Using a dog ramp is safe and convenient for pets

Your best friend can snuggle up to you anytime they want

Your doggo will enjoy a lot more freedom!

Can be used by
dogs that weigh up to 90 lb

Give your buddy
safety and freedom
with this trusty
Dog Ramp



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Hear from
happy pet owners

Emily E

January 12, 2021
United States

Verified purchase

Adjustable Dog Ramp

Adjustable dog ramp. Non slip surface. Side rails removable and can be placed in different positions depending on how you place your ramp. Ramp frame and rails are wood. I like the dark wood color and that I can lay it flat and slide under the bed when needed. My two small dogs love this and figured out what it was for with little prompting. Sturdy ramp that feels like it will last a long time.

Arthur B.

January 27, 2021
United States

Verified purchase

I love the training video!

This dog Ramp is wonderful. I really appreciate the additional training video though. With the help of the training video, my Shiba Inu boy started properly using the ramp in two days. Great product and I like how they think about humans, too :)


January 19, 2021
United States

Verified purchase

Great Product

Very sturdy. My little dogs go up it with no problems. I have stairs for the bed and I use this ramp for the couch. It is perfect. The next vacation, I am going to tryit with my SUV.

Cheryl Grant

December 10, 2020
United States

Verified purchase

Great for dachshunds

This is a well constructed, conveniently mounted, and very robust pet ramp. I think it would stand up to bigger dogs, but I'm not sure. A good fit for my schnoodle, certainly.

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verified reviews

Kimberly Axne

January 6, 2021
United States

Verified purchase

Perfect for our 13 year old Yorkie!

Very sturdy, perfect height for our couch. Love that it is adjustable. We have 2 small dogs and they both used it as soon as we set it up.

Jeremiah Craig

December 10 ,2020
United States

Verified purchase


Easy to fold out.

Bradford Moran

December 12 2020
United States

Verified purchase

Serves its purpose

It's amazing! The carpet is soft and dense, the whole structure is sturdy and simple to bring together. Greaat that when my dog runs on it it doesn't wiggle or wobble, so she is confident with it. All in all, I'm really pleased with this ramp. I'd buy it again.

Zachary Hodges

December 92 2020
United States

Verified purchase

Works well with elderly dogs

works well for my aging dog - she caught on right away and uses it every day

Training your pup to use a dog ramp is easy

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What are dog ramps for tall beds?

When you have a small or medium breed dog, and they cannot get on and off tall beds, you may wish you had some kind of dog ladder for your bed. A dog ramp can be even better than doggie stairs when it comes to helping them.

The gentle slope of a Chasing Tails dog ramp can make it easier for pets to climb on and off your bed.

This type of ramp can also be used as a better alternative to dog stairs for couches.

Are pet stairs or a pet ramp for high beds better?

When deciding between pet ramps for beds and dog bed stairs, your safest choice is a ramp. For couch or bed access for smaller breed dogs without health or mobility issues, both are okay. But if your pet has mobility issues, it's probably not a great idea to get bed steps for high beds.  

To give your pet the mobility to move around, dog ramps for high beds are an excellent choice. Chasing Tails’ ramps will provide you with the comfort of knowing they won't be getting hurt by jumping up and down beds or couches. Folding dog steps for beds or dog steps for high beds can work for some pets, as long as they don't have mobility issues.  

Although dog stairs for beds could work for some dogs, climbing up steps can be difficult for older dogs or those with joint conditions, even for smaller breed dogs with short legs. Chasing Tails’ bed ramp is the perfect solution.

How do I prevent my dog from slipping down the ramp?

Chasing Tails dog ramps for beds are all covered with a soft, slip-free rubber coating that will prevent your dog from slipping or sliding down. There is no need to cover our dog ramps for beds, or treat them with anything; your pet won't slip or slide.

Why should I use the dog ramp?

Dog ramps for beds make it convenient for pets to climb up on the bed to spend some quality time with their pet parents. If your dog is a small breed with short legs, or you are not physically able to move them on and off your bed, bed steps for dogs are a solution.

What is the best dog ramp for beds?

The Chasing Tails indoor pet ramp for dogs is a quality pet bed ramp suitable for pets of up to 90lb. It is a collapsible dog ramp, so it's easy to adjust, move around, and store.  

The best doggie ramps for beds usually slope gently and make it easy for their little legs to get up. Dogs with joint problems or other health issues, and smaller dogs with shorter limbs may struggle with steeper ramps or stairs.

When you're shopping for pet bed ramps, consider the following:

It should be constructed with high-quality materials.
It should have a gentle slope.Bed ramps for dogs should be adjustable to suit various heights.
It can comfortably accommodate your pet's size.
The surface of the ramp should be slip-free to avoid injury.
It should be simple to use, move around, and store.

Folding dog steps for beds are an investment in your pet's comfort, so it's worth getting a quality product that suits your pet's needs. The Chasing Tails dog ramp for beds is an ideal choice because it covers all these points, and it looks great!

Other benefits
for you and your pet:

Sturdy construction from premium wood
supports dogs up to 90 lb

No screws! Comes

Paw-friendly rubber
for extra firm grip

Adjustable height that will fit your buddy’s needs

Uniquely compact enough to fit under couches

A modern design that blends in with any interior

All products shipped from
the USA

new heights

Give them the freedom you both need!

Join the hundreds of families who have completely changed their dog’s lives! With the Chasing Tails Dog Ramp for Beds - back and joint injuries are a thing of the past.



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