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Happy Dogs = Happy Owners

Help your best friends get on and off of the bed or couch without straining their backs or struggling. Our ramps are great, even when your pets have limited mobility. They are ideal for pets with back issues, those who are getting older and have health challenges, small breeds, or even puppies.

Adjustable Height

Make it easy for your furry friends to get on and off beds or couches.  With the adjustable height you can set the ramp to the perfect setting for your pet/furniture needs. 

Compact and Light

The ramp folds away for simple storage and is compact enough to fit under your couch or bed. It's light enough to be moved around with ease. 

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No Slipping!

The surface of our ramps are covered in a soft, non-slip rubber that will help your dog safely climb up or down without harming their paws. This material also makes it easy to clean; simply wash it down with some soapy water.

Safety First!

The side rails and gentle slopes will make sure that even the most boisterous furry friend will be safe and sound as they move up and down the ramp.

Universal Fit

The Chasing Tails dog ramp was created to seamlessly fit into most interior styles. The adjustable height makes these ramps suitable for almost any couch or bed. 

Superior Customer Care

We pride ourselves on the quality of every single product we sell and on our customer service. We know that your pets are part of the family and they deserve the best care they can get!