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Dog Ramp for Bed


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Durable, Strong, and Safe

Chasing Tails dog ramps for beds are constructed with high-quality material. It is durable, and safe to use! Our dog ramp for beds are designed and made with even the most lively pet in mind. These ramps won't buckle and will last several years. The sides are raised for added safety, keeping your furry friend safer as they move up and down the dog ramp. For bed or couch use alike, you will be hard-pressed to find something so universal!


Universal Fit

Chasing Tail’s bed ramps for small dogs are adjustable to various heights and easily movable.If you need a great-quality ramp for your dogs to get on and off your beds or the couches, these indoor pet ramps for dogs are perfect for small to medium-sized dogs!


Easy to Use and Care For

Our collapsible dog ramps for small dogs are easy to move around. Whether you want to cuddle up with your furry friend on the couch, or relax on the bed with them, it's easy to move around, store, and clean. Simply wash with some soapy water.


Gentle Slope

This indoor dog ramp is not steeply angled! It slopes at a gentle angle so your furry friend will be able to get on and off beds or couches with ease.


Light and Compact

The Chasing Tails end of bed dog ramp is made of lightweight but strong material, and is simple to use. Our ramps are so light, just about anyone can quickly and easily move them around from one area to the next! These dog bed ramps are also easy to fold down. The hinge mechanisms are well-designed, and the material is simple to maneuver. When they are folded, the ramps become compact enough to fit under your couch or bed or stored wherever you would like without taking up too much space.


No Slipping!

The Chasing Tails bed ramp for dogs is perfect for your pets to get on and off the couch and bed without slipping. The ramp's surface is covered with a paw-friendly soft rubber, which is non-slip, so it will provide the traction your dog needs to get on and off safely.


What’s Included

1 x Adjustable pet ramp for bed or couch. Coated in soft, non-slip rubber material

The adjustable ramp is suitable for various heights and dogs of different sizes. It can be used as a pet ramp for small dogs or as stairs for dogs for high beds. The sloping angle on this dog ramp will be gentle on your furry friend’s little legs, and kind to older dogs who have mobility or health issues.

3 x Handles/sidebars

The sides make this small dog ramp safer for your pets to use and easier for you to handle.



    Use this Chasing Tails dog ramp for couch or bed access for your furry friend. We care about your loyal and loving furry friends' wellbeing and want to make their lives better! To use the dog ramp for high beds, it's important to help your doggie get used to the ramp first, especially if you are using it as a puppy ramp for your bed. Puppies need training! Here's how:

  • How to train your pet to use the dog ramp for beds:

    Place the ramp flat on a stable surface (don't elevate it yet!) Put doggie treats down along the ramp. As your pet walks across the ramp to collect the treats, they'll get used to how the ramp feels. Praise them with cuddles and affirmations when they get to the other end! Practice this a few times before raising the ramp to the height of the bed.

  • How to use the ramp:

    Once your furry friend is trained to use the ramp, you can begin to use it like this: Move it next to your bed or the couch where your pet usually gets on. Raise the ramp to the height of the edge of the bed or couch. Secure the ramp in place. Call your dog over to try it out! Once your pet gets the hang of getting on and off using this nifty small dog ramp for beds, things will be easier for them, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that they are safer and more comfortable.

  • How to clean the ramp:

    The Chasing Tails dog ramp is constructed of strong, durable material. To keep your ramp clean, give it a regular wash with warm soapy water. Your pet ramp for high beds will be good as new.

What’s Included


What are dog ramps for tall beds?

When you have a small or medium breed dog, and they cannot get on and off tall beds, you may wish you had some kind of dog ladder for your bed. A dog ramp can be even better than doggie stairs when it comes to helping them.

The gentle slope of a Chasing Tails dog ramp can make it easier for pets to climb on and off your bed.

This type of ramp can also be used as a better alternative to dog stairs for couches.

What should I get to help my older dog get on my bed?

A ramp is the #1 overall choice when it comes to indoor dog ramps for beds. While some people prefer to use steps for dogs to get in bed, this is not suitable in many cases. Older dogs with mobility issues may struggle with stairs of any kind, and as they age, this becomes more and more challenging, and a bed ramp for dogs is often a much better solution.

What is the best dog ramp for beds?

The Chasing Tails indoor pet ramp for dogs is a quality pet bed ramp suitable for pets of up to 90lb. It is a collapsible dog ramp, so it's easy to adjust, move around, and store. 


The best doggie ramps for beds usually slope gently and make it easy for their little legs to get up. Dogs with joint problems or other health issues, and smaller dogs with shorter limbs may struggle with steeper ramps or stairs.


When you're shopping for pet bed ramps, consider the following:


  • It should be constructed with high-quality materials.
  • It should have a gentle slope.
  • Bed ramps for dogs should be adjustable to suit various heights.
  • It can comfortably accommodate your pet's size.
  • The surface of the ramp should be slip-free to avoid injury.
  • It should be simple to use, move around, and store.


Folding dog steps for beds are an investment in your pet's comfort, so it's worth getting a quality product that suits your pet's needs. The Chasing Tails dog ramp for beds is an ideal choice because it covers all these points, and it looks great!

Are pet stairs or a pet ramp for high beds better?

When deciding between pet ramps for beds and dog bed stairs, your safest choice is a ramp. For couch or bed access for smaller breed dogs without health or mobility issues, both are okay. But if your pet has mobility issues, it's probably not a great idea to get bed steps for high beds. 


To give your pet the mobility to move around, dog ramps for high beds are an excellent choice. Chasing Tails’ ramps will provide you with the comfort of knowing they won't be getting hurt by jumping up and down beds or couches. Folding dog steps for beds or dog steps for high beds can work for some pets, as long as they don't have mobility issues. 


Although dog stairs for beds could work for some dogs, climbing up steps can be difficult for older dogs or those with joint conditions, even for smaller breed dogs with short legs. Chasing Tails’ bed ramp is the perfect solution.

How do I train my dog to use the dog ramp for beds?

Begin by placing the ramp flat on a surface that's stable like a carpet. Place a few treats along the ramp so your dog will be tempted to walk across it. Once they do, praise them with cuddles, affirmations, and another treat! 


When your dog has successfully traversed the length of the ramp a few times, raise it to the height of the bed. They will know exactly what to do! If your dog is still uncertain, try to entice them with a treat at the very top, or put the ramp down again for some more practice. 


All it takes is time and patience; soon they'll be happily going on and off the ramp!

How should I angle the doggie ramp?

The general rule of thumb is that you should incline the ramp to between 18 and 25 degrees. However, this depends on how high the bed is and what type of dog you have. For smaller breeds, you need an incline of between 18 and 20 degrees, while medium-sized dogs need an incline of between 22 and 25 degrees. 


Although it may seem that these angles are quite steep, remember that dogs walk on all fours, which means they have a low center of gravity, so steeper slopes are a lot easier for them than they are for us!

How do I prevent my dog from slipping down the dog ramp for beds?

Chasing Tails dog ramps for beds are all covered with a soft, slip-free rubber coating that will prevent your dog from slipping or sliding down. There is no need to cover our dog ramps for beds, or treat them with anything; your pet won't slip or slide.

Why should I use a dog ramp for beds?

Dog ramps for beds make it convenient for pets to climb up on the bed to spend some quality time with their pet parents. If your dog is a small breed with short legs, or you are not physically able to move them on and off your bed, bed steps for dogs are a solution. 

Pet parents with older dogs with mobility issues or health challenges should use dog bed ramps to help their pets move around more comfortably and prevent injury.