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Dog Pool


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Sturdy and durable

Sturdy and durable

There are two critical factors to consider with dog pools: durability and safety. We've made the Chasing Tails pet swimming pool with your canine buddy's unique physique in mind. Dogs are naturally playful, and they have sharp nails! All the bouncing around and those sharp nails can tear through standard plastic kiddie pools. For dogs, it's best to get dog pools made especially for them, with their needs in mind. Our pet pools have thicker walls and stronger bottoms, perfect for Fido to have fun all summer long!


Safe for pets

Your pet can splash around to their heart’s content and you never need to worry about their safety! We use non-slip material for the bottom of the dog pool, making it safe for your fur babies to play around. And all of the high-quality materials we use are non-toxic and durable.


Super easy to use

Chasing Tails pet swimming pools are easy to set up, clean, and store. We include a crystal-clear set of instructions that will help you to set up your plastic swimming pool for dogs. Your dog pool will be ready to fill in no time and folding it back up for storage will be a breeze. This small pool for dogs also comes with a built-in drainer, so you can quickly drain the water to change it out or when you want to store the pool. (You should change the water in your dogs' pool every 3 to 4 days.)



Take your outdoor dog pool with you anywhere! This feature is great if you're headed to your summer house or out for the weekend. This small dog swimming pool conveniently folds down. Also included is a handy carry bag you can use to store or transport your dog pool. If you take your furry friend with you on family vacations, this baby pool for dogs is perfect! Simply pack it up and load it in the car. When you're at your destination, it's quick and easy to set up for summer fun.

Multiple uses

Multiple uses

We designed the Chasing Tails dog pool to be perfect for playing and bathing outdoors, especially in warmer weather. But the fun isn’t limited to dogs! All of your furry friends are sure to love this pool on hot summer days! Some pets get a bit skittish when it's bath time, but it's a different story when it comes to swimming pools. As your dog (or other pet) gets used to having fun in the puppy swimming pool, they'll grow to love and trust it. Turn bath time into fun time and you'll have a happy, squeaky clean pup!

what's New

What's included


The Chasing Tails dog pool is perfect for your furry friend to cool down on a warm summer's day. It is strong and sturdy enough for a feisty four-legged friend to have fun all day long. The Chasing Tails pools for pets package contains:


  • 1 x Sturdy portable dog swimming pool, ready to assemble


Material: Made with PVC material that's 50% thicker than standard pet pools plastic. When you're looking for a dog swimming pool for sale, make sure it's made with strong PVC.

Dimensions: 47 X 11.5 inches (Diameter x Height)

Weight: 11.02 lb

Colour: Silver and blue


The durable PVC used to make this doggie pool is 50% thicker than standard PVC typically used to manufacture portable pools. This is a feature that makes Chasing Tails dog pools more durable. Perfect for your pups all summer long!


  • 1 x Carrier bag 


The carrier bag included in the dog pool set is what you need for easy storage and transportation. This portable dog pool is simple to dismantle, and the handy carrier bag makes it easy to pack away or transport. 


Take your puppy pool to the patio or the back garden, or go over to your friend's house and have a portable pet pool party. Backyard pools for dogs are fun for everyone!

How the product works


    Dog pools are simple to assemble and use, and they are easy to pack away and even transport. After you've assembled the plastic pet pool and filled it, all you need to do is make sure you change the water in the pool once per 3-4 days and have fun with your furry friend!

  • To assemble the doggy swimming pool:

    Follow these instructions to set up your dog paddling pool:

    • Place the animal swimming pool on a hard, equal ground surface.
    • Plastic swimming pools for dogs are made of thick, durable plastic, but you still need to ensure that all stones, twigs, and other debris are removed from the area to avoid damaging the bottom of the doggie swimming pools.

  • To dismantle and clean a dog kiddie pool:

    The Chasing Tails doggy pool is super easy to clean.


    • Drain the water out by using the handy drainer attached to your big dog pool. 
    • Clean your dog swim pool thoroughly.
    • Fold from the opposite side of the drainage hole. Make sure you fold the panels one by one.
    • When you've folded the dog pool, pack it in the carry bag and store it.

  • To clean your dogs' pools:

    Simply wash it with warm water and lightly scrub it with a sponge or soft brush to clean it thoroughly. Dry your small dog pool well before storing it.

dog pool


What type of pool is best for dogs?

In case you're wondering if there is a difference between kiddie pools for dogs and ordinary kiddie pools, yes, there is. They may look similar, but a dogs' swimming pool is made with stronger material because dogs have sharp nails and frequently puncture kiddie pools. 


Because of this, it's always best to get a pool made specifically for dogs, like our puppy pools. Try to find dog pools for sale from reputable companies that focus on pet products, like Chasing Tails. 

Are swimming pools good for dogs?

Yes, swimming is great for dogs, and when it comes to swimming pools, dogs usually love them! Whether you have an indoor dog swimming pool or an outdoor metal dog pool, dogs don't care; they just want to hop in! Swimming will relax your canine buddy and give them some exercise.

Can dogs go in inflatable pools?

Yes, they can. However, some ordinary inflatable pools are made with thin plastic, and your dog's nails could tear through it easily. If you have a tiny dog, it may be okay for a while, but it's best to search for a large dog swimming pool for bigger breeds. 


How long can a dog be in a swimming pool?

Dog breeds like Labradors and Poodles love water! They love it so much they won't want to get out, and you could wonder how long your dog can be in the pool at a time. As long as the water is not too dirty, you can let them swim as long as they want!


What can I put in a dog pool to clean algae?

You've looked for dog swimming pools for sale, found one, set it up, and your dog loves it! But as with any other pool, you may notice algae growing. Instead of using chemicals to get rid of it, it is best to change the water in animal pools every 3 to 4 days.