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Best Apartment Dogs For Small Homes

It's evident that small dogs make for the best apartment dogs, but if you're on the hunt for a four-legged apartment friend, then you'll also be on the lookout for a pet that's suited to your lifestyle!

After all, you'll be sharing a lot of your limited apartment space with your new pet dog. Don't worry, though, because in today's article, we count down the best dogs for apartment living. From energetic greyhounds to tiny terriers, we've got the best apartment dogs covered!

Keep reading, and discover the best dog breed for apartment life in the city. 

Apartment dogs: which are the best dogs to have in an apartment? 

Apartment living can be cramped, so you're going to need a dog that's not only small but that's easy to take care of. Large dog breeds are a big no because they need space to run around outside (and most apartments aren't going to have a backyard).

Small dogs are perfect, but they do come with their own unique set of challenges. You'll need to regularly walk top apartment dogs (and have them really well toilet-trained), and you'll also need to make your cozy apartment safe for them. You can set up a dog ramp to help super small dogs get up and down the furniture without hurting themselves, for example. 

Here are the best dog breeds good for apartments: 

American hairless terrier

If you're looking for energy, then the unique American hairless terrier is not going to disappoint you. This is one of the stranger small to medium size apartment dogs because this terrier has absolutely no hair.

It was bred accidentally and is the only hairless variety of dogs that's native to the USA. Like all terriers, the American hairless terrier is well-suited to hunting rabbits and catching prey out in the fields, so you'll need to make sure you play with them a lot and take them for lots of walks. 

Basset hound

The basset hound is a small (but surprisingly long) dog that was originally bred specifically to take part in hunts. 

In fact, the basset hound has one of the best senses of smell of any dog in the world, although they don't do quite as much hunting if they are living in the comfort of a small apartment. 

The basset hound is one of the best medium-sized dogs for apartment living, but you will need to take your hound out regularly for walks and exercise. Basset hounds can weigh up to 70 pounds, but while they are heavy, they are short!

Bichon Frise 

The bichon frise is one of the fluffiest, most glamorous small dogs you could have living in your apartment. In French, the name of this breed literally means 'Curly Lap Dog,' and you can expect this one to want to look good all the time.

But while their fluffy coats take some work to keep clean and tidy, their characters are well-suited for the lapdog life. A bichon frise is easy to get along with, easy to train, and pleasantly passive. 

Boston terrier

The Boston terrier is a classic breed that's made for the small apartment dog’s life. The Boston terrier is known for its pug face and for its endearing charm. This is one tiny dog that loves to please, and with a maximum weight of around 20 pounds, it's never going to take up too much space. 

The Boston terrier is also one of the most intelligent small dogs, and that makes them perfect for apartment living, as they are so easy to train. You won't need to worry about clearing up after these dogs, and you'll get on just great with them in a confined space!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you're in the market for a spaniel, but don't have space for a full-sized one, then why not consider a cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This toy dog is a miniature version of the larger spaniel breeds, and while they are just as energetic, they aren't going to cause nearly as much havoc in your small apartment. 

Your average King Charles will weigh in at less than 20 pounds and stand no more than 13 inches tall; but they are wonderfully soft, silky, and cuddly!


Chihuahuas are great dogs for apartment living, and they are some of the most popular toy dogs in the world. 

Chihuahuas have a reputation for being picky and almost stuck up, but they are loyal and, once they get to know you, will remain your friends forever.

Chihuahuas are plucky, almost rude at times, but they are so small they'll take up almost no extra space in your apartment. They might even fit inside your handbag!

Chinese crested dog

Good apartment dogs don't come much more unique than the Chinese crested dog. This tiny breed of toy dog is perhaps the strangest looking dog on our list because the hairless variety is incredibly distinct. 

Hairless Chinese crested dogs have tufts of hair on their head and around their ears, but their bodies are disturbingly smooth. They are fantastic show dogs and have lots of energy despite their small stature. 

While the hairless variety is the most well known, each litter also results in powderpuff variants, named for their silky smooth coat of hair (the exact opposite of their hairless brothers and sisters!). 

English bulldog

The English bulldog is a popular medium-sized dog with a short, squat look, distinctive pug nose, and a surprisingly kind demeanor. 

English bulldogs are known for their loyalty, and despite their small size they always stick up for their owners in a rough patch. 

English bulldogs can be heavier than other small dogs (and other bulldogs), but they are still well-suited for smaller spaces and apartments as long as they have the chance for ample exercise. 

French bulldog

French bulldogs are known to be some of the best quiet dog breeds for apartments because this breed of toy dog was specifically bred as a lapdog. 

Better known as Frenchies, these tiny dogs rarely bark, and they rarely make much noise, but they do still crave the attention of their human companions. 

A French bulldog is easy to look after, if a little needy at times, but they are super happy when being shown love, care, and affection.


You might imagine a greyhound racing along the track, but they are one of the surprisingly good large apartment dogs. The best breed is the Italian greyhound, a miniature version of the fully-fledged greyhound. 

Greyhounds are full of energy, but their agility is a sight to behold when they are out of the apartment and zooming across the park. Take your greyhound for plenty of exercises, but you'll be surprised at how quiet they are when they are all exercised-out. 


Pugs are super small but super cute (even with their unique pug noses). Pugs look wise beyond their years, with their wrinkly skin giving them an unusual air of authority for a creature so small.

Pugs are full of loyalty, so take care of your tiny pug dog, and they'll look after you and your family for the rest of their life. These small dogs have big (and we mean big!) characters, so be prepared to contend with them. Show them loyalty in return, and you'll all get on fine!

Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus are not only good dogs for apartment living, but they are one of the most extravagant tiny dog breeds you could care for. Well-known for their long, silky, shiny coats that droop down to the floor, Shih Tzus were originally bred to be lap dogs, and this is reflected in their easy-going temperament. 

The coat does take some work to keep clean, and well-looked-after, but your tiny Shih Tzus won't cause you any other trouble in your apartment. 

Yorkshire terrier

If you're looking for a lively yet beautiful-looking breed, then one of the best small apartment dogs is the Yorkshire terrier. Bred from larger terriers, the Yorkshire terrier has all the qualities of this popular hunting breed (but it's much smaller). 

That means they love to play, and their silky smooth coats won't stay pristine for long. They are a bit of a challenge to look after, but they'll repay you twice over with kindness, loyalty, and an outgoing personality.

Best apartment dogs: Which are your favorite apartment pets? 

That's it for our rundown of the best apartment dog breeds. Remember, dogs require care and attention, and living in a small home or apartment with your pet can be challenging. You need to keep them happy (and toilet-trained) and ensure that whichever breed you choose, you have the time to walk them (several times a day if you don't fancy cleaning up their mess in the kitchen!).

But there are lots of good dogs for small apartments, and you'll be lovingly rewarded for your affections with a lifetime of cozy doggie cuddles and loyalty (and we mean cozy!). 

Why not bookmark our guide to perfect apartment dogs, and find your new four-legged family member?

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