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A Dog Room: 11 Ways to Build the Perfect Room for Your Pup

Our dogs are our best friends - most of us consider them an extra family member, as they are deeply bonded with us and ingrained into our lives. 

Most of our family members have separate bedrooms, whereas dogs usually share our spaces. But why not build them a room of their own? Dog rooms are a great way to give your pup a little independence - freedom they can define as their own. A room also confines the mess that comes with a dog to one specific area. 

It’s exciting to create a space that a dog rooms in. House space is a factor, but if your place is big enough your doggo can have a whole room to himself. If you don't have a ton of extra space in your home, you can also carve this space out of the common areas, like the living room, laundry room, even a closet - dogs are den animals that feel at home in small, enclosed spaces. 

We've compiled our best 11 dog room ideas, dog home decor, and pet room ideas to help build a room that will keep both your pup and your family happy!

What is a dog room?

A dog room is a space designated to house your dog and all of the items he needs - food dishes, toys, beds, crates, and all other accessories. 

Ideally, your dog will head here when they're craving a little independence and privacy. Although they're social animals by nature, like us, doggos benefit from some alone time, too. 

You can build a beautiful space you'll enjoy looking at with some cute dog room decor and indoor dog house furniture. There are tons of stylish options on the market that can easily blend and match the look of the rest of your home. 

Some dog spaces double as a mudroom or bathing room for the pup, with lots of storage for dog accessories and feeding stations.

What if I don't have the space for a whole room?

We understand that space can be a little tight at home. If you don't have an entire room to dedicate to your dog, don't fret - it doesn't have to be that big. 

Smaller spaces will suit your dog just fine. Walk around your home and assess every area. Find somewhere that you can spare a few square feet, and your dog can access easily. 

Now, the fun part begins. 

Indoor dog room ideas: build a room your dog will love

Next-level kennels

Firstly, build your dog a kennel that they can use to sleep, rest, and relax. There are many creative space-saving dog bedroom ideas to keep your pup cozy at home.

Why kennel your dog? Most veterinarians, trainers, and other dog professionals recommend crate-training your furry friend from an early age. 

Crating your dog helps make house training more straightforward, as they will avoid urinating in the sleeping quarters at all costs. It also allows them to stay out of trouble when you can't keep a close watch on them. 

Once your dog is well-trained, they won't need to be locked into the crate but can use the open crate for sleeping, self-soothing, and other healthy behaviors. 

You can build or buy a freestanding kennel or build one into a closet or under a counter area to save space. Your dog will feel at home with a little darkness in there.

Toys, toys, toys

Most dogs need at least a few toys to play with to keep their minds active and occupied while we're not around. 

Invest in high-quality toys that will last longer and won't get torn to shreds. The small pieces that break off cheap toys can cause intestinal blockages in our pups and lead to extreme illness and expensive corrective surgery. 

Our favorites are hard rubber Kongs, filled with tasty treats, a thick rope for some tug-of-war fun, and a treat ball that can occupy your pup's time. 

If you're feeling extra-fancy, invest in a Furbo or other similar device, which is a camera that allows you to see and interact with your pet while you're away from home and even toss them a treat through the machine.

Personalized touches

Invest in a few pieces that are specially made just for your pup. Check out Etsy for some cool personalized art options that have your dog's image and name on them. You can get posters, signs, nameplates, and more!

Sure, the dog can't read, but it's nice to make a space that we enjoy looking at and reminds us of our little fur babies. 

Don't forget the walls

Don't leave the walls blank and boring. Spice up the space's look with some cute posters, paintings, photos of your pup, or dog-themed wall hangings. 

You can source these relatively inexpensively from discount home stores that usually have a decent spread of dog decor options.

Dog ramp

Depending on space constraints, one of the best dog room ideas is to get an indoor ramp for a dog bed extension. If your dog's kennel is off the ground or they need to jump up to get onto the bed, give them a ramp to get to and fro easily. 

A ramp keeps your dog's joints healthy as they age and helps senior pups who may no longer be able to make the jump up. They can be used for beds, couches, and even the car, and come in some beautiful designs to fit in with your decor perfectly.

Fancy food 

Your doggo's food dishes will live in their dog room. Invest in some good quality bowls that are comfortable for your pup to use. Get a heavy set to discourage your dog from picking them up and playing with them.

Wipe your paws

Ideally, your dog room will have a door leading directly outside. Place a mat at the room entrance so that you can easily wipe your dog's dirty paws as they enter the room. 

You can also place some clean, dry towels nearby to make cleanup easy if they happened to run through a mud puddle during their outdoor adventures. 

Warm up the space

Again, dogs are den animals. Create some warmth in the room by installing dimmer lights and keeping colors on the warm side to help your pup feel at home when they're relaxing in their space. 


One of our most crucial dog room ideas is to make sure the space is safe for the curious, sniffing nose of your four-legged friend. 

Remove any harmful objects and lock away anything he might want to chew (other than toys). Tape or cover power cords that can't be removed, and keep the floor space clear and tidy. Any garbage cans should be lidded and locked away. If you have an incredibly nosy dog, install child-proof locks on any doors or cupboards within their reach.

Soft, cozy corners

Pups love having a soft spot to land. Get them some well-cushioned beds and place pillows strategically around the room for them to use. If your dog is a known chewing offender, it might be best to buy a bed made of thicker, more durable materials, so you don't come home to a guilty-looking pup beside a pile of fabric shreds.

Keeping it cool

Dogs run a little warmer than us and can struggle in the hot weather months. Install a ceiling fan into the space to quickly cool down your doggy when they need a break from the heat. 

Final notes: How to build the best dog room ever

If you don't have a ton of money to invest in a dog room, start small. 

Try DIY to save a few dollars, check out discount stores, and create a well-organized plan. Your pup can't tell the difference between high and low-end, so they'll be happy with whatever you create for them. 

You can build your dog a sweet corner or room where they'll love to spend their alone time... when they're not cuddling up to you, of course.

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