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Longest Living Dog: The Almost Immortal Breeds

Being a pet parent is something deeply fulfilling. Our furry friends give us companionship, loyalty, entertainment, and tons of love. Sadly, we typically outlive our dogs by several years. Is there a way to extend your dog’s lifespan? Let’s explore this. 

The road to a healthy, happy, and long-living dog

A dog’s genetics are a factor in how long it will stay alive, but it’s not the only one. There are various other reasons why your dog could enjoy a long life or pass away earlier than expected. 

Just like it does in people, lifestyle plays a part in how long a dog will live. Is the dog treated well? Do they have a healthy and balanced diet that consists of quality food? Do they get enough exercise? There are some of the factors to consider for longevity.

If you take good care of your dog, it has a better chance at not just a long life but a long, happy, and healthy life. If you know the basic requirements for the breed of dog you have, you can better see those needs, which may include: 

  • Enough physical activity. This is essential for the more energetic dog breeds. You can take them for walks, give them enough yard space to run around in, or even get them a doggie treadmill!
  • Affection and communication, especially cuddling for smaller dog breeds. 
  • Mental stimulation for the more intelligent dog breeds means playing games with them or even giving them jobs to do!
  • Love, love, and more love!

Fulfilling these needs will be part of what determines the quality and quantity of your dog’s life. Don’t forget that, as your furry friend gets older, their needs will change. 

Older dogs may need some help getting around, especially to snuggle with you in bed. One way to help them join you for a bedtime snuggle is with a bed ramp for dogs. It will help make your pup’s senior years more enjoyable and maybe even longer.

How long do dogs live? 

It depends on many factors like genetics, diet, and breed. The average lifespan of a dog varies but could be about a decade or so. Smaller breeds tend to outlive the larger breeds, some living as long as 16 years or more!

Are you wondering, “What’s the longest living dog ever?” According to Guinness World Records, Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog who lived for almost 30 years! 

Based on Bluey’s long life, his breed is one of the longest-living dog breeds, but the Australian Cattle Dog is not the only long-living dog. We’ve narrowed down a list of some of the longest living dog breeds:

Top 16 dog breeds that live the longest

#1. Chihuahua - 14 to 20 years

One of the longest living dog breeds (alongside our boy Bluey) is Mexico’s national dog, the Chihuahua. These highly loyal dogs are clever, slightly curious, but full of energy. It may add to their fire for a long lifespan.

The size for these little puppies is about 5 pounds (on average). But don’t let their small size fool you! These tiny tikes have a dog lifespan of up to 20 years! This makes the Chihuahua one of the smallest but also one of the longest living dogs ever!

#2. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) - 16 to 20 years

Coming in second with the Chihuahua is another pint-sized pooch, the Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkie is popular with people who like the company of a highly intelligent dog that is easily trained and can live a long life. 

#3. Australian Cattle Dog - 13 to 16 years

Bluey may have been an anomaly, but he’s not alone. Many other Australian Cattle Dogs live a long life. It could partially be due to their natural zest for life and their active lifestyles typically filled with play and exercise.

#4. Dachshund - 14 to 20 years

Whether you call them a sausage dog, a wiener dog, a dashie, or you use the proper title Daschund, these little doggies typically live long lives. They are playful dogs with outgoing personalities and a ton of energy. The more you love these dogs, the more they love you back! 

#5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 9 to 18 years

A friendly breed, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets along equally well with children, adults, and other pets. They have a kind and playful disposition and love getting cuddles. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is docile and doesn’t bark a lot. 

#6. Toy Poodle - 12 to 15 years

This cute miniature ball of fluff has all the charm and character of a true friend. Loving and full of spirit, their coat is deceiving as they don’t tend to shed. This means you can have endless cuddles without a sneeze fest!

#7. Lhasa Apso - 12 to 15 years

Initially bred to be a watchdog for Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, these dogs have come a long way to be the beautifully groomed show dogs we know today. A loyal friend, this lovely little canine companion could be your loyal friend for many years. 

#8. Beagle - 12 to 17 years

A gentle little dog for dog owners of all ages, the Beagle is a popular breed for families with small children. The companionable Beagle will give years of animated, energetic fun. Make sure you provide these active breeds hunting games to keep them happy!

#9. Cockapoo - 12 to 18 years

The Cockapoo is a happy dog that is a winning combination of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Known as outstanding therapy dogs, the Cockapoo will give your family a long and loving life of fun.

#10. Maltese - 12 to 15 years

Maltese dogs are intelligent, energetic, and loving. They are also easy to train, playful, and super entertaining. They love to do tricks! You couldn’t hope for a better companion than the Maltese.

#11. Papillon - 15 to 17 years

A feisty dog that is also smart and well-known throughout history. The Papillon was made famous in paintings by Goya, Rembrandt, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Reubens. These friendly little doggies can live long and happy lives. 

#12. Pomeranian - 12 to 16 years

This dog has a tiny body but a LOT of hair! A short and fluffy dog, the Pomeranian usually sticks around for many years. Because it has an outgoing and playful disposition and is easy to train, the Pomeranian makes an excellent first-time pet.

#13. Australian Shepherd (Aussie) - 12 to 15 years

This dog was born ready to herd the flocks of sheep - even if there aren’t any around them. If you have many children over, the Australian Shepherd may even try to herd them around! This breed of dog is intelligent, loyal, and has tons of stamina. 

#14. Chinese Crested - 12 to 14 years

This dog comes in two varieties, a hairless version a well as the “powderpuff” version. Whichever version you prefer, the Chinese Crested is a sweet and loving dog that will give you several years of loyal companionship. They require little exercise but need lots of love and attention.

#15. Jack Russell Terrier - 10 to 16 years

Originally from England, the Jack Russell Terrier is a ball of energy and independent and intelligent, much like the Australian Cattle Dog. Used as fox hunters, they are hard to train, but their high levels of energy and cuteness are what make the Jack Russell Terrier special.

#16. New Guinea Singing Dog - 15 to 20 years

You may not have heard of this breed before; there are only about 250 living in captivity in New Guinea. With a distinct singing howl, the New Guinea singing dog is one of the most primitive dogs on our list and the one most likely to live the longest.

The longest living dog breeds give a lifetime of love

Our list of oldest living dog breeds does not necessarily mean that these dogs will outlive all other breeds, but they are known to have longer than average lives. If longevity is important to you in choosing a dog, it’s also worth looking at some of the healthiest dog breeds around. 

Remember, no matter which breed you decide on, the main factor in having a long-living furry friend is how much love and care they receive and how well you see to their needs. If you care for your canine companion and love them, they have a better chance of a long life.

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