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Best Hamster Cages (Review) 2019

‘One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter,’ said the Caterpillar. 

‘One side of what? The other side of what?’ thought Alice to herself. 

‘Of the mushroom,’ said the Caterpillar, just as if she had asked it aloud.

Keeping this part of the brief dialogue between Alice and the Caterpillar in mind, such will be the perspective of us trying to fit into the ‘shoes’ of one of the cutest, fuzziest, and adorable pets – and often the first pets we get as children – the hamsters.

It is commonly thought that because they are so small and non-fastidious, they require only the bare minimum to thrive. Well, after taking a journey through several facts about hamsters, their wants and have-nots, and how the living conditions in cages impact their lives, you’ll reconsider everything you thought you knew about what your hamster needs to be happy

On of the most important part of your choice ( read more  here Important Features to Consider)

Safety & Security

Some safety tips were mentioned here and there above, but let’s recap since the security and safety of a hamster cage is just as important as its comfortability.

  • medium or bigger cages are mandatory to ensure that your hamster is happy and not existing at a miserable bare minimum;
  • the wheel should not be meshed or barred to exclude cases of the hamster’s feet or toes getting hurt or stuck;
  • its size should be suitable for your hamster – not too small, not too large – to avoid back arching and spine injuries;
  • ventilation should be controlled and sufficient in the primary cage and in the travel one, having holes and/or wires to keep the hamster cage ventilated;
  • the wire distance should be less than ½ inch or smaller if it’s a dwarf hamster
  • tubes should not be glued or taped, exclusively smooth, or vertical and too long;
  • no straws, cotton, wool, etc. for bedding/nesting; use special materials or aspen/uncolored, unscented toilet paper;
  • a medium of 40 cm bedding or less if dwarf;
  • equipment for exercising should be diverse but safe/ add a hamster ball;
  • keep the hamster cage out of direct sunlight and heat;
  • one hamster per one cage/ more than one if dwarf hamsters and introduced properly.

Best choice: Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

A solid, larger wire cage with a deep bottom section and all the necessary installments that are neatly aligned to offer the perfect experience for your favorite, fuzzy friend.

The cage has floors, sections, toilet space, home space, tubes, a wheel, and all the climbing and wandering space your pet may need. The deep bottom section also allows for neat beeding, none of which will spill out onto the surrounding floor.

  • This cage has all the mandatory hamster accessories included
  • There is great ventilation thanks to wires and its size. Because of so much space, your hammy will love its strolls around the levels and grounds
  • There is good logistics between the sections, floors, and accessories that can be easily figured out by the hamster.
  • Deep bottom section is perfectly fitted for a good-sized burrow and digging action. 
  • Lot of options – Traveling through sections, tubes, and the wheel plus climbing and burrowing will provide good exercise.


  • It is quite bulky, so it will require enough space within your interior.
  • Not easy to clean, you’ll need to spend time removing parts, cleaning them, and re-installing. There isn’t room for additional stuff if you don’t want to cramp it up, but things can be changed.



-You should check that gates click firmly shut or you’re risking an escapee

-The house over the axle had a side break off

-The wheel didn’t last long

The wheel is noisy and creates thumping sounds

Second Place: Prevue Pet Products

The ideal straightforward wire hamster cage that provides full versatility to your imagination and your pet’s needs. Thanks to its large size and simple design that includes a very deep bottom section and all-around wires, you’ll be able to create your own fantasy for your hamster to live in.

  • The only element present inside the cage is a wide pedestal with a ladder that leads to the bottom of the cage. This makes it handy in creating an adventure and comfort within this large space to your liking.
  • It’s lightweight, breathable and voluminous, allowing for bedding, burrowing, tubing, littering, climbing, and everything else you’ll decide to include there. 
  • Obviously, there is much room for breathing and chilling, so that is of no worries here. The more space for the hammy, the less stress and gnawing.


  • It’s not the most comfortable piece to travel with, but it’s easily movable if you need it to.
  • You’ll have to spend some extra cash on all the hammy accessories, like bedding, exercising equipment, water dispenser, etc.
  • To spare the time to think about the design and logistics within, so that your hamster can safely have its adventures there. 



-There were instances of some bars being unwelded, which required fixing

-The pedestal/balcony can be situated only where the manufacturer put it, so you’ll have to keep it where it is

-The side door is sometimes not tightly locked, so hamsters have been known to push it out, so it needs checking after receiving

Best Cheap Cage: Hamster Haven Cage

Though superfluously simple at first glance, this spacious bi-level cage has the necessary potential to keep your hamster comfy and busy with exploring. For the best price, you’ll get a large cage with a hammy home that has a road to nice morning exercise and below for a chill in the small, cooling burrow of its own.

  • There is enough adventure for the hammy to slide from its hiding home to the wheel, do its thing there and then engage in some wildlife activity in the deeper sections where you’ll provide it with some good old burrowing experience.
  •  You can adjust the existing accessories the way you want and introduce new ones, as you see fit. Of course, your hamster will be ventilated and cool enough in their adventure and solitude thanks to the wired structure


  • You may obviously leave things as they are, but hamsters are quite energetic so a few more tubes, a solid/safe bedding and a hamster ball will be necessary for the pet to spend its excess energy there instead of gnawing.
  • It may seem dull but the idea is that the cage’s low price and relatively big space provides you room for creativity and leaves the extra cash for it.



-There are no water bottles or toilet bins and other miscellaneous stuff, so that needs buying

-The construction is easy but the assembly may take a while and some hooks may be loose so extra vigilance during assembly is needed

The metal is cheap so the cage requires care during assembly and usage

Second Place: Favorite Top Load Portable Pet Small Animal Carrier

If you don’t want to leave your hammy in solitude for too long, this carrier cage will provide the ability to have it travel with you and explore the world together.

  • The carrier is fully plastic and small-to-medium in size.
  • Cage has two sturdy handles to carry it steadily and with comfort.
  • Quite deep, so you can put bedding inside, a hiding home and maybe even fixate a wheel there so the hamster is occupied while you’re busy doing your stuff.
  • This carrier cage can easily become an interim portable home for your fuzzy homie for a short period of time of your vacation or business trip.
  • As long as you stick to our recommendations about the minimum requirements for hamsters to feel comfy, your pet should do just fine if it’s stay in the carrier is not substituted for primary living


  • Cage is not a stationary option for the hamster to live in, so you’ll require another cage.
  • It can be used for travelling by various vehicles but it will require additional expenses to make it seem like a temporary home and for the hammy not to stress out there because of energy excess.
  •  It is plastic and quite closed so keeping it out of direct sunlight and heat is crucial, and the top part is no mesh but a clear plastic.



-You have to unclip all clips to take the whole top of; it’s not partial

-It’s cheap and somewhat flimsy, so be careful not to swing and hit it 

-The flimsiness may also give way to intense chewing, so watch the hammy’s behavior

-Better use to transporting and for shorter stays only

Best Small Cage: Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Cage

The habitrail cage can also serve as your temporary primary cage if you’ve just gotten your hamster and you haven’t decided on which suite to create for it just yet.

  • It’s great for the start since you’ll be visiting the vet, showing it to your friends and maybe traveling with it to pick up some hammy stuff.
  • There is little possibility for your pet  to gnaw or fall because of the absence of wires, so no risks for injuries of that sort. 
  • You’ll be able to create minimum exercise and comfort it may require there for the initial period of time


  • The habitrail cage is no substitute for the primary cage and all other assortment the hamster needs to be happy, have less stress and thrive.
  • The material itself is cheap, so it needs to be handled carefully.
  •  If your hamster displays much gnawing or restlessness, getting a suitable cage with all the exercising and adventure jazz ASAP is mandatory.



-You have to unclip all clips to take the whole top of; it’s not partial

-It’s cheap and somewhat flimsy, so be careful not to swing and hit it 

-The flimsiness may also give way to intense chewing, so watch the hammy’s behavior

-Better use to transporting and for shorter stays only

Second Place: Ware Chew Proof 25 inch Critter Cage

This metal drop pan powder coated wire cage is the best no-nonsense small cage choice for your hammy that will become its first acquaintance with you and your home interior. It will not only provide room for slight creativity and getting used to your new pet, but will also neatly fit your interior, keeping you and the pet organic

  • Despite its compact size, because there is nothing getting in the way of this spacious 3-D rectangular, you’ll be able to easily fit the exercises and adventures for the hamster inside it: a hiding home, a toilet bin, water bottle, food plate, a wheel, and, perhaps, even another level.
  •  It’s neat, clean, and finely ventilated and, if you use its space and some extracurricular exercises wisely, then its small size will be a joy for the hammy and you, too.


  • Despite its versatility, do remember that the overall recommendation for hamster cages is the bigger, the better.
  • Definitely do not try to have two hammies living there, since it will be cruel!
  • Be careful while assembling, since the material is cheap, so check for tight sealing and don’t bang it.



-You’ll need to use home tools to seal the hooks and parts tightly so it’s secure and safe

-The clasps on the sides sometimes come too loose so they may require changing or alterations

-People sometimes put zip ties on the sides to keep the pieces together

Best Large Hamster Cage: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

This ginormous, multi-level, high-security hamster castle on wheels is the place to be for giant hammies or if your hamster is a true royalty and nothing less is worthy of their hammy highness

  • It’s a foolproof steel wire cage with several options regarding floors that can fit any fantasy you create for your favorite hamster.
  • It’s on wheels that have stoppers and an open bottom section where you can keep all the re-fillers and other stuff to use inside the cage, for the hamster and maybe even for yourself. 
  • Any tubing, adventures, and exercises will fit this secure palace without cramping it and will not only look, but also function presentably. There is also a huge black cover that you may use to calm your hamster down or imitate night for it. 
  • The parts are of high quality, so assembly is quick and easy.


  • Its size is the primary concern, so make sure you modulate with a ruler before you order.
  • Also, there is no bottom plastic or covers, so you’ll need to devise something to keep the bedding and other stuff from falling out and to create a burrowing area.
  •  The more you fantasize inside this palace, the more cleaning you’ll have to do, so keep that in mind.
  •  Since it’s so big, you might want to keep a few hamsters there, but checking in with a vet before you do that is strongly recommended. 



The floor is very shallow so trays or borders are necessary to contain stuff within

-Sometimes cages came with slight flaws, so vigilance is necessary during assembly anyway

-The floor covers are plastic, so extra covers are needed

Second Place: Large Rectangle Cat Pets Animal Cage

Another grand piece with several pedestals, a hammock and room for any fantasy to come alive is what this cage will offer you and your hamster. No adventure, exercise, or play is impossible in this large, multi-sectional beast of a cage.

  • The biggest chill place for hamsters to be.
  • This cage offers climbing the heights of the hamster’s life and creating all the tubing, piping and resting it needs.
  • It’s large but narrow, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your interior.
  • Everything else is up to you and your hammy.
  •  Sometimes the manufactured accessories and logistics inside are too cramped and weird, so this will be perfect for coming up with your dream version of a hamster’s home.


  • The bottom section is very shallow, extra work is needed in sealing it and keeping the floor uncontaminated by hamster activity.
  • Everything is wire even ladders, so check on your hamster sometimes to see if their feet are okay and have not been injured by all those wire gaps.
  • There is no play or exercise in it, so all the adventures, exercise, and essentials will have to be bought.  



-You’ll have to cover the bottom so that the hamster doesn’t get its feet stuck in the wires

Premium Pick: Harrisons Westminster Hamster Cage

This larger canary-house domed hamster cage will serve as the full-proof wired arena for your imagination while creating a lux experience for your hammy to enjoy.

  • This tall, steel-wired house comes flat, so you have all the freedom of assembling its internal parts, like the hidden hamster house, tubing, a wheel, and a pedestal the way you like.
  •  It has a relatively deep bottom part, which will allow your hamster to chill and burrow.
  • The wires offer perfect ventilation and freshness.
  • The bottom part could be a bit deeper.
  •  It’s lightweight and transportable, and it won’t take up much space because it’s taller than wider.
  • You have enough space to create adventures for you hamster and arrange its experience freely. 


  • The wheel is plastic, so it’s vitality is questionable.
  • You will still have to buy additional exercise, game, and adventure enticing hamster accessories.
  • It is quite bulky anyways, so be sure to measure the dimensions with a tape ruler before you buy the item.



Nice pick if you have enough money for your hamster.

Second Place: Living World Deluxe Habitat

The name speaks for this cage itself: a whole hamster football field fitted into a neat, tubular cage with modulations that will excite your imagination up, up, and beyond! It’s incredibly spacious and has room to fit quite a hamster group if they get along with each other well and become the hammy football team inside this World Deluxe Habitat

  • It’s made from expensive durable material and has the ultimate ergonomic design that allows installing new things while maneuvering with the existing modulations.
  • Everything is easy to clean, has great ventilation and resembles a wildlife habitat because of its tubular form that creates a sort of semi-twilight of a tall grass.
  • Order the XL and let your wildest hamster fantasies comes alive in this World Deluxe Habitat – the place where any hammy becomes a real hamster royalty


  • It is bulky and spacious, so you’ll need a whole separate section to have it.
  • It’s very simplistic, so you’ll need to acquire all the accessories and make the modifications inside at your taste and whim.
  • It is challenging to clean this size, especially if you introduce modulations.



-Cases are that it came damaged, so be careful inspecting the product

-You have to dismantle all the gondola to properly clean it

-The second level doesn’t tightly latch on to anything, so keep that in mind

-The water bottle that comes is useless, so you’ll have to introduce a new one definitely

Hamsters Overall Information

Adventure Habitats

Just like in fish bowls, we instinctively feel that there should be diversity in the hamster cage’s interior since, if found in wildlife, hamsters do not live in a flat, boring clearing. Multi-layers, platform clip-ons, tubes, houses, and other gimmicks serve the purpose of making the hamster’s life adventurous. Things to create adventures for your hamster in their cage can be bought or self-made, but remember about the convenience of moving through them, not getting stuck and managing them. There are complex, seemingly inventive ready-made adventure hamster habitats on the market that seem like a lot of fun, but be careful while choosing them. Remember the above tips about manageability, smoothness, angles, and complexity.

Important Features to Consider

Living Space

People often project their justifications and desires onto animals, but it’s usually false to think so. With this in mind, despite how strongly you may fool yourself that your hamster is lonely and requires company, it is, in fact, on the contrary. Remember one cage per one hamster onlyIntroducing new hamsters to the same cage for a living will most likely result in aggressive conflict and even death.

An important study of Syrian hamsters proves that primary inhabitants treat new hamsters as intruders that, eventually, cause a conflict where the larger, more powerful hamster wins, developing a defensive behavior that will kick in with a new intruder being introduced into the cage. Even if it so happens that the primary inhabitant escapes from the new intruder and the latter does not pursue conflict, the primary one will feel like it’s lost its value and territory and may develop health issues because of constant stress. Dwarf hamsters may live together if the introduction was made properly.

Interesting fact: Hamsters were discovered some one-hundred years ago only in the Syrian desert. Of course, hamsters dwell in different parts of the world, but the Syrian hammy has become a staple in most kids’ childhood memories, and this has happened only relatively recently.

Size Matters

Swiss study of 60 female golden hamsters tried to find out whether size mattered when it came to hamster cages. The researchers placed the hamsters in several cages, sized 1,800 cm2, 2,500 cm2, 5,000 cm2, and 10,000 cm2, and observed their behavior. The depth of the cages and enrichment were minimized and standardized, and a 30-cm-diameter wheel was placed in all of them. Since the idea was to observe in which cage size the hamsters seemed happier, the study chose usage of provided space, wire-gnawing, reactions to the absence of care and weight gain as welfare indicators.

Although people often think that hamsters gnawing on wires is the same as cats scratching sofas – to sharpen, – it’s not entirely true. Hamsters gnawed wires in the biggest cage way less than those in the smallest cage, where they did it for much longer and more intensely. Hamsters also tried to modify the rooftop of their wooden homes in small cages, indicating that they needed more functionality and space to the cage. They also gained more weight and seemed more irritated in smaller cages. Subsequently, the study concluded that the welfare of hamsters in a minimal-grounded 10,000 cm2 cage was significantly enhanced compared to cages of smaller sizes. 


Don’t wait for the odor to serve as an indicator that it’s time to clean the cage. You should indulge in cleaning the hamster cage at least twice each week. If it’s a wire cage or otherwise a cage that has many openings, laying any type of paper underneath the cage so that it is wider than it’s edging will help catch any litter your hamster throws around. Again, aspen is the universal material to cover the floor of the cage as it is easy to change and helps catch the odor.

However, to avoid throwing all out, using white bedding material made by brands specifically for hamster cages will allow spot-cleaning, making it easier to spot ‘potty spots’ and clean them out. Such special brand-made bedding is unscented, water-solvent, absorbing, and safe, as well as multi-functional, serving as a bedding, carpet, and litter material.


Hamsters are very fragile rodents despite their feisty character. They are very susceptible to high temperatures, which is why ventilation and a moderate temperature out of direct sunlight and heat are key. If you decide for a plastic-wall, aquarium, or glass-wall cages, all of them should have a thoroughly connected wire-ceiling at the top to allow for proper ventilation, and that won’t be knocked off easily. Either way, if there are wires present or it’s a wire hamster cage, the distance between wires should be less than ½ inch or smaller if it’s a dwarf hamster. That will support ventilation and keep your hamster from escaping. 

Interesting fact: Hamsters are initially desert animals, so they can definitely take some heat and tackle it easily. However, do keep in mind that in their natural habitat, hamsters live in semi-desert regions with rich soil that provides them with the ability to burrow in, cool down, eat, bed, and nest. Since your home does not have that comfy earth and sand to use as a temperature regulator, it’s best you keep the hammy in the shade. 

Exercising Equipment

Hamsters are notorious fidgets, so the cage has to have a few items for the hamsters to spend their energy on. They can cover great distances at night while searching for food. Not only does the hamster exercise equipment suite their fidgety character, but it is also necessary to keep them healthy, prevent them from getting obese or paralyzed. The standard, the essential tool will be the hamster wheel. Choosing a solid, metal wheel will be best to avoid your hamster’s feet getting stuck in any wedges and hurting themselves.

Hamsters are curious explorers, so it will make them happy if they can get out of their cage from time to time. The hamster ball is the perfect solution for letting your hamster exercise and explore outside of their cage. Like with cages, ensure that the hamster ball is perfectly sized for your hamster so that they don’t hurt their spines, close the lid tightly and control the hamster’s exercise experience, avoiding stairs or places they can fall off of.

Getting a cage with horizontal bars is the right choice, too, since hamsters love climbing. You can hand ropes across the cage sides to boost the climbing experience; introduce willow branches and fruit twigs for the hamster to exercise their jaw on and build from; get pebbles of exciting shapes for them to carry and roll, and introduce toilet paper cylinders or other tubes to explore and exercise in. 


Putting tubes in cages for hamsters to entertain themselves and exercise is becoming ever more popular. However, you should be picky and attentive when choosing tubes so that your hamster doesn’t get stuck anywhere inside and can easily move through them. Firstly, never glue or tape tubes together because of glue chemicals or the desire of the hamster to chew on the tape. Choose tubes that don’t have a smooth texture. Smooth plastic tubes may result in your hamster getting stuck there and suffocating.

Clean them periodically, as hamsters may leave fresh food in the tubes that will rot over time and they may pee or otherwise litter inside them. Vertical tubes may seem like a creative choice but your hamster, especially if it’s a dwarf one, may not be able to climb it. It may result in a grim outcome: your beloved hamster might get stuck in the junction, unable to turn around and, while you’ll be away from home, it’ll heat up, stress out and die a horrible death, suffocating. Either way: check on how the hamsters are doing in their tubes from time to time, inspect them and replace them if they crack or are otherwise damaged since it may cause injuries to your hamster. 


Not all of us have someone to ask to look after our hamster during school holidays or vacations, so a necessity to have them travel with us may arise. Transporting yourself with your hamster in a car will be the best scenario, but do check on the requirements of your carrier if you travel otherwise. At a minimum, you will need a cage, water, food, and a medical kit. You will need a plastic, durable, ventilated cage or carrier if you want the best hamster travel experience. Wire cages are not accepted on airplanes. Check the airline policy for transporting your hamster! Take the regular food so that the hamster’s diet isn’t affected, check that the travel cage is ventilated and kept out of direct sunlight or heat. Bring a hamster ball to compensate for the absence of your hamster’s full-cage adventure experience. Also, make bedding in the travel cage, so the hamster can burrow there if it gets scared, and you will have a smooth traveling scenario. 

Interesting factsNever feed your hamster with sweets, caffeine, or alcohol! Products that have these ingredients will cause complications for your hamster’s health. Consult your vet as to their nutrition and dosage and stick to it.  

Bedding Depth 

It may seem trivial, but bedding is another crucial feature in ensuring your hamster’s happiness and health. Do not use straws, cotton, wool, etc. for your hamster’s bedding or for them to build one as they can get injured by sharp edges, get their feet or toes tangled or eat it and develop blockage or otherwise. Aspen is the perfect bedding material for hamsters across the board, and it enhanced the odor relief and cleaning. Soft, uncolored, unscented toilet paper is a good DIY option for the bedding, and even if they eat it, it will easily digest.

Hamsters love burrowing naturally. Research proves that a mean 40 cm of bedding is perfect for Syrian hamsters, and it increases their welfare. Besides, scientists have found out that hamsters will shallow bedding and inability to dig deeper exhibited “significantly more wire-gnawing and a higher running wheel activity than the hamsters in the other groups.” However, don’t overdo it: hamsters with deep bedding are more prone to developing obesity.

Interesting fact: Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so they are most active and exercise during the night and rest during the day. Don’t startle your hamsters awake and don’t approach them from above! You’ll be seen as a predator and chances are you’ll get bitten eventually; use a soothing voice, call their name, approach them from the side and be gentle.


Hamsters use similar materials to accommodate their bedding and nests, but in captive conditions, they tend to display different preferences for these two places. Providing the hamster with the same safe construction materials, you should then introduce a pipe for the hamsters to create their nest because that is what they like better. It has been discovered that medium (15 cm), semi-closed ABS pipes are the preferred place for Syrian hamster nesting, which may be extrapolated to other varieties while adapting the sizes respectively.

Interesting fact: Hamsters are quite promiscuous. During mating season, male hamsters will invade any burrows and mate with any female hamsters they find, unless she has already mated. Female hamsters will invite any male attention usually, too, and give birth to baby hammies around 4 times a year! 

Delivery of Goods

Having a tape reel or any other measuring tape will aid you in getting a better idea of what to expect when the order of your new hamster cage or any other hamster accessories will come in. All online shops and vending platforms have a specific section that explains the shipping policy and rates. On Amazon, you can get familiar with shipping & delivery here.

The hamster cage or any other hamster accessory on Amazon will have an indicator whether it is shipped to your country, its measures and weight. You’ll be able to neatly assess the size with the measuring tape at home, imagining the dimensions, and will receive it via your national post or otherwise, depending on the delivery option and time frame you will choose after clicking “check out” in your order on Amazon. Typically, similar issues apply to other online vendors of hamster cages and accessories. 

Types of Cages

A hamster cage is not simply a place for your favorite, tiny, fuzzy friend to exist – it’s an area that will substitute its natural habitat where it could have lived in, so you’ll need to combine its ergonomics together with the many above-mentioned wants and have-nots your hamster has. The idea is to prolong your mutual friendship for as long as possible, and that is attainable if your pet will have the optimal cage experience that will ensure its comfort and happiness, both of which equals good health. There are several options to consider, which are, eventually, at your subjective mercy, impacting your interaction experience with your hamster, the possibilities of diversifying the pet’s life there and fitting the cage itself within your home’s interior. 

Wire Cage

The most universal variant and a cage we’re all used to associate with keeping a hamster. The main cons are that hamsters chew on wires and climb them, both of which may result in injuries; they may somehow escape them, squeezing through the bars; aspen and other stuff will get through the bars on the floor; the plastic tank may not be deep enough for a good burrow. The pros, though, are that is has perfect ventilation; you can communicate with your hamster more directly; you can install water tanks and other accessories by clicking them on wires; it’s very easy to clean; easy to transport; simple design. 

Plastic Cage

The second-popular type. They are often very colorful and have complex, entertaining constructions for the hamster to have its adventures in. The main pros are their high appeal among children because of the bright colors and various modulations and there are many levels and tunnels for your hamster to play in. Nonetheless, it is hard to clean them, especially in hard-to-get-areas; they may have poor ventilation because there are no open wire walls for more air to access; they are prone to retaining heat which is a hazard; and they are usually more costly and less ergonomic than wire cages.

Other Types

Glass tanks are the sophisticated version of a hamster cage. They look sleek and present a more refined aesthetic experience in viewing how your hammy does in its futuristic, glass apartment. The main con is that glass tanks are the most expensive hammy cages and they may cost hundreds of dollars; more accessories will be needed as your hamster won’t be able to climb the glass walls; and the glass will get smudgy, so more thorough cleaning is necessary. Then again, they provide the most pleasant watching experience; there are no bars for the hammy to injure themselves by chewing on or falling off of; you’ll see when it gets dirty, so you’ll just have to take the modulations out, give a good rinse, dry and voila. 

What Type of Cage Is the Best?

Having gotten to this part, you already know that the wire cage is the optimal hamster cage type to consider. It is the cheapest one, has many variations and allows introducing hamster accessories easier. You should consider the bigger size, its price won’t make as much of a difference as in other types, and it will provide the best experience for your hammy. Take the big wire cage with a deep plastic tank below, which will provide the best ventilation and a chance to create a deep burrow, and buy some cool exercising and adventure options on the change that you could have spent on the plastic or glass tank with nothing. And you will have enough change left to buy a round plastic hammy ball for the upcoming short vacation with your hammy.

Interesting fact: Hamster’s teeth grow their entire life. You will need chew toys, sticks, and other vet-recommended items for them to run their teeth down. But don’t think that gnawing on wires is a good thing that helps them do that! It means that the hamster needs readjustment in their living conditions as per our or your vet’s tips.

Cages Overall Information

Hamster cages are typical pet shot items, so you can get them anywhere in pet shops, pet markets, and, obviously, online. You can visit any pet store within your area and see the several varieties of hamster cages it will have to get the gist. Hamster cages may cost from almost $400 to $15. Remember though: size matters! After having visited the pet store, you might be tempted to buy the hammy cage on the spot but do keep in mind that things are typically cheaper online, so you might want to come back and do a bit of surfing to save some coin.

Where to Buy Hamster Cages and Stuff Online

There’s a multitude of options to consider, an almost endless supply. You can consider shops, like WayFair, Omlet, or you can search any of the huge online shopping platforms, like AliBaba, eBay, and, of course, Amazon. Notably, Amazon has a simple interface, it processes its vendors, as well as it has storages and offices around the globe thanks to which your shopping experience there will be easy and the delivery will come in no time. 

Where to Buy Hamster Cages and Stuff Offline

You can use Google Maps and find any pet store that is closest to your home and go check it out. Remember though: although you’ll get the chance to feel and see the hamster cages and accessories personally, their prices will be quite higher than online because of the mark-on because the pet store’s premise is rented, wages and taxes are to be paid, and profit has to come out of it. 

Min and Max Hammy Cage Prices in Different Countries

Prices will range depending on the vendor, type of cage, its size, and initial modulations. In the UK, hamster cages may cost, for example, from £34.99 to 229.99 on WayFair. In Australia, among others, hammy cages may total you in A$25-220 on Gumtree. In the US, the prices may range from $15.95 to $379Remember that all online shops will have different options to offer, the producers of the hammy cages and hammy accessories will be different, as well as the shipping opportunities and time, taxes, etc. Keep the recommendations mentioned above about what your hamsters needs in a cage primarily to thrive, be happy and healthy and take your time opting for the variant that you think will suit your hammy and your interior best. 

Payment Method

What Payment System You Can Use to Buy Cage

The rule of thumb is that you can use any of your debit or credit cards to buy hamster stuff online, as long as you’ve got enough money and there’s no limit set on your card. For example, Amazon accepts a variety of payment methods, ranging from debit and credit cards to Amazon Pay and Amazon Points. You can also use PayPal to buy on Amazon thanks to the PayPal Cash Card or the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard. 

Money Back From PayPal or Debit/Credit Card

There’s a whole gondola of things to consider if you want to return the item and get a refund. You can check the Amazon’s refund policy here, but, overall, the return window, reason for returning, the condition of the item, and the payment method will all impact how much and how quick you’ll get your refund. The service itself has a refund guarantee, but you’ll have to check to conditions for the return & refund, depending on the item. Usually, it will take up 3-10 days for the money to return to your account, starting from the time the item is returned if you haven’t opted for an exchange or an immediate compensation in Amazon points. Sometimes, you’ll get the refund immediately, but it all depends on the merchant and the situation. 

Who Should Buy a Hamster Cage?

Hamsters are ideal first pets to consider: they are cute, small, non-fastidious, self-sufficient, and entertaining to watch. Although they won’t sit or play dead, at a minimum, they are sure to provide the stress relief and comfort that other fury pets offer and they won’t demand as much attention. If you’ve spontaneously bought a hammy, you need a cage. If you’re a more strategic customer, then you may want to consider which cage and hamster ammunition you’ll buy first and then decide on the dream hamster you will get. 

What Are Hamster Cages and What Do They Do?

Buying a hamster cage is a mandate and not an option if you’re set on having a healthy and happy pet and not a stressed out, miserable one. They are the living, eating, playing, mating, resting, and adventure ground all-in-one for your hamster. Considering the pros mentioned above and cons regarding cage types (easy to clean, light, versatile, proper ventilation, adventurous), a hamster cage is your win-win option in terms of cost and performance and not a bowl or a stuffy plastic terrarium. 

What Is the Best Size for a Hamster Cage?

The recommendation for Syrian and other average-sized hamsters is one hamster per cage. Dwarf hamsters may live together if they are introduced properly. Again: the bigger the cage, the better. Your cage should be deep enough to allow a 40 cm deep burrow (or smaller for dwarfies), for several action/adventure accessories, for a water/food area, for a wheel and for having a stroll. Of course, if you decide to have more than one than there should be enough room for them to have their burrows and personal space, so an even bigger cage should be supplied. The hamster cage space shouldn’t be cramped, and everything inside should have a logic and an understanding touch.

Prices for Cage Complect

If you’re somebody who is set on making the whole spiel yourself, you have to be ready to spend some extra time and effort to do so. Although it won’t be as much of a hassle to make the cage, openings for ventilation and a burrowing ability, the adventure/exercise part will be a challenge to complete. Not all the average cheap, usual stuff will cut it in making a safe and entertaining environment for your hammy; and remember no glue or tape. Depending on the cage option and composition you choose, the DIY may cost you up to around $50-100.

Hamsters Cage

It is quite unlikely that you’ll be making a wire cage singe you’ll need welding equipment to accomplish that. You can use hypoallergenic plywood or other smooth wood boards to make most of the cage and use a glass to create a view. The medium size should be around 76cm L by 40cm W by 40cm H. You can screw the wooden parts together, create wedges and insert the glass as the main window. You’ll have to use an eco sealant to seal the glass. You can view this variation as a template. Depending on the size and materials, it may cost around $30. 

Hamsters Bedding

The bedding will cost around $2-10, depending on the material you choose. Aspen will be the optimal option here. However, remember that you’ll have to change it twice a week and that it has to be soft, small, and safe for the hammy

Hamsters Bowl 

Luckily, your hamster won’t need cutlery and sophisticated kitchen utensils. An average deeper screw-on jar lid will do like a bowl, so you can take any which one you got or buy some food for yourself and use that lid as long as it’s all-throughout smooth. 

Hamsters Bottle

You can use a container for water as a dispenser. For example, you can take a pen, slice off some of the narrow part and sand it, put a small ball inside the cap while taking out the pen stem itself, and insert it into an upside-down water bottle that has a space to fit and seal the pen. The hammy will push the ball with their tongue, and the water will dispense. The cost could be, like, $3.

Hamsters Sport Accessories

To create a wheel, you can take the remainder of the wood you used for the cage, cut them into three longer pieced to make a steady stand. Take a plastic food bowl without the lid to use as a cage, make some wedges in there for the hamster’s feet and place it on the stand. It could cost you another $3.

Hamsters Toilet

Hamsters aren’t dogs or cats, so they will do their ‘thing’ wherever they feel like it. In the aspen option, you’ll have to throw the aspen around the bedding/burrow out and put the new portion in. 

Interesting Tricks

You can use the carton roll from your toilet paper for your hammy to play or rest in. You can use the ice-cream wooden holders to create a small lagger. Cut off the outer sleeve part, sow-seal it on one side from the inside, turn it out and – viola! – you got a cute hammy home. These and other tricks that will cost you nothing you find here

The Best Competitor Offer

The average customer review choice on Amazon offers the Super Deal 37 Inch Small Animal Cage. The usual reason given by the customers is that it is easy to assemble, is easy to move around the house due to wheels and has an impressive internal experience. Well, our top choice – Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage – provides way more adventure, exercise, and versatility for its size and money. It has tubing, hidden homes, ladders, sections, a wheel and an intense bottom section for bedding, burrowing, and hanging out. Our option will be a bang for your buck and will provide your hamster with enough accessories and space so that they don’t just get on – they will thrive and fit into your apartment and live neatly.

Hamster Escape

Your hammy can become a runaway, but you can prevent that from happening. The wiring space should be less than a ½ inch for Syrian and other usual hamsters and smaller than a ¼ inch for dwarf hammies. There should be no taped or otherwise unsafely sealed parts or intervals in the cage/terrarium and the materials have to be smooth or your hamster may well be able to chew through them to their escape. 

Hamster Society and Culture

The Humane Society of the US is a large organization that deals with animal cruelty, shelters, and watches the overall well-being of pets, including hamsters. People often mistreat or simply throw away their hamsters or other pets out, so this Society and similar organizations are a must – to help these poor animals. The National Hamster Council in the UK is a hamster owners club for people to share their love for hammies and devise enhancements for their lives.


No matter what type of cage you decide to go with it is import that this is a home for your hamster. This type of purchase can not be viewed like the run of the mill dog crate you will buy just to transport your dog. This space will be the place you hamster spends most of it time. Be sure to give your pet the things it needs to live a happy healthy life. 

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