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Do Dogs Get Tired Of Barking: 5 Tips to Stop Banjo’s Barkfest

If you have a furry friend who barks all day and night, you may be wondering - do dogs get tired of barking?. Since dogs can’t speak the human language, we have no idea. Dog behaviorists have their own opinions about this, and not all of them agree!

Why do dogs bark?

Some say it is best to let dogs bark and bark until they stop, while others claim that the human should step in and try to diffuse the situation.

Let’s look at some reasons why Buster barks all night and what you can do about it.

#1 Barking is how they talk

Barking is how dogs communicate. It can be their way of greeting someone they know as they enter the home or as a way to let you know that a stranger is nearby.

Once you begin to recognize their tone, you’ll know if it is a friend or a foe your dog is telling you about.

#2 Is your Boxer bored?

If your dog is not barking at anyone, it could mean that it’s just plain bored.

A dog that hasn’t had enough physical or mental exercise may start barking because it has nothing else better to do.

Take Buster for a walk, or play a game of fetch with him!

#3 Separation anxiety

A dog belongs with a pack. You, as the human alpha dog, are the leader of their pack. If you leave for hours on end (to go to work or to visit a friend), the neighborhood may hear your dog barking from the time you leave until the time you come home.

A puppy barking all the time is usually doing so because of separation anxiety. This is quite common in dogs because of the strong bond between their pet parents and them.

Watch out though, if your dog is barking because of separation anxiety - they could become destructive!

#4 Scaredy… dog?

Another common reason a dog won’t stop barking is out of fear. A fearful situation such as fireworks or an intruder may put your dog on edge enough to keep them barking. If possible, cuddle your dog and reassure it until the situation has passed.

However, if your dog is fearful without being provoked, it could have an emotional issue. In this case, it’s a good idea to get help from a dog behaviorist to get to the bottom of your dog’s fear and excessive barking.

#5 Not enough attention

A dog that does not get enough attention will let you know one way or another - and most of those ways spell trouble!

If you’re sure your dog is not bored, lonely, or afraid, they could be looking for attention from you. One would think the way to fix this is to simply give your furry friend your attention.

However, this may not be effective. According to dog trainers, it’s best to reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior. 

Instead, give your dog quality time over quantity time. Cuddles are the best. Let Buster hop up on the bed with you for some attention. You could even consider installing a bed ramp for dogs to make it easier!

#6 Get off my lawn! barking

Territorial barking happens when a dog is protecting and defending its territory. This is completely normal and common.

To stop it, you may have to scope out the area to find the culprit - which could be anything from a crazy cat to an irritating squirrel.

How to stop a dog from barking? Some tips and tricks

If you feel you need to figure out how to stop dog barking problems in your house, start as early as possible. It’s a lot harder to teach an old dog new tricks, so the younger they are, the better!

Here are some tips:

#1 Make Rambo run it out!

A dog that does a few laps around the neighborhood, through a forest, or at a dog park will be relaxed because the run physically and mentally stimulates it.

This will help curtail barking because it tackles problems like loneliness, fearfulness, and boredom.

#2 Behavior classes

Animal behaviorists will know how to train a dog not to bark. It’s worth investing in some training; the earlier, the better!

The sooner you can teach your puppy that too much barking is not okay, the easier it will be to keep that behavior in check. 

#3 Reward Spot’s good behavior

Many dog trainers follow the principle of rewarding good behavior. Also known as positive dog training, this method focuses on giving the dog a treat when they do something good and ignoring them when they do something bad.

Yelling at barking dogs is usually ineffective. Some people even believe that the dog will think you’re barking with them, which will spur them on! If you ignore it and instead reward moments of silence, it could eventually sink into Spot’s head that silence gets the good stuff!

#4 Remove whatever Buddy’s barking at

One of the best ways to stop a dog from barking is to remove the object that they are barking at.

However, this may not work for territorial barkers unless you’re great at catching other animals roaming around the neighborhood and rehoming them away from your dog!

Your best bet is to create a secure and safe space away from whatever is making your dog bark and distracting them from barking.

Another trick is to slowly introduce the dog to whatever makes them bark and rewarding them when they don’t bark.

#5 Positive stimulation

We’ve learned that certain stimuli (like roaming cats or squirrels) will get your dog barking. Now let’s look at positive ways to stimulate your dog, so they stay quiet. 

Have you tried everything you can to get your dog to stop barking and are still asking yourself - do dogs get tired of barking? Chances are, your dog needs more stimulation than what they’re getting. Here are some ideas:

  • Play some brain games with your dog. This will keep their minds on the go and distract them from barking.
  • Teach your dog new tricks and when they seem restless, get them to show off their new skills.
  • Rotate your dog’s toys, so they don’t get bored. 

So, do dogs get tired of barking?

If that excessive barking dog sound is driving you bonkers, there are options you can take. As we’ve seen, dogs bark for various reasons. This is mostly because they are social animals or because they are frustrated about something.

Yes, your dog may be barking to communicate, but extreme barking may be more than just a way to say, Hello stranger! Hey cat! or Keep moving! If so, use the methods in this guide to try to reduce the barking. 

Dogs don’t keep track of how long they bark. They just do it, and sometimes it will feel like an eternity of barking to their pet parents. With the right approach, you can reduce excessive barking or get your dog to stop barking altogether.

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